/Alex Roots : Fake

Alex Roots : Fake

Single Review

Artist: Alex Roots

Title: Fake

Available to buy or download from March 30th.

Alex Roots is the latest young female singer to launch an assault on the British music scene. Aged just 16, her debut album is two years in the making, co-written with producer Ryan Laubscher. It’ll be entitled Adrenaline Rush and is slated for a June ’09 release.

Until then we have this piece of pop to digest. Fake sounds like Avril Lavigne covered head to toe in bubblegum. It sounds like it could be a theme tune to an early 1990’s kids TV show, and it is a very catchy piece of pop. Heck, there’s even a hint of Cyndi Lauper to it!

Possibly aimed at the Miley Cyrus crowd, it’s all very fun and harmless but by the second chorus the cries of “YOU ACT SO FAKE!” are so annoying it takes away a lot of the fun. It sounds like the recording studio was stormed by irritating ten-year-olds intent on sabotaging the final production.

That said, it’s probably lucky for me that track two is an instrumental of Fake. Is this the norm now? No b-sides or even remixes, just an instrumental? Or did the record company foresee the aforementioned whine I’ve just had and threw it on for my benefit?

Whatever the case it’s certainly something to keep most pop lovers smiling and dancing through the summer.

For more information on Alex Roots check out the following link