/New Albums in 2009

New Albums in 2009

2008 was a great year for music. Lots of bands reunited, toured the globe, and sold millions of albums. Who could forget the release of Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy – history’s most expensive album, and longest album in production! With the imminent release, music from the 80’s and 90’s that we all grew up with was brought back and the world realised that music was slowly working its way back into the lives of people that needed its presence.

Despite the current credit crunch, bands are definitely not going into hiding, and stashing away its finances under the mattress. Rather, it seems to have encouraged different groups to create masterpieces and tour the world. Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, U2, Lily Allen, Bruce Springstein and Iggy Pop are just a few groups that have taken the plunge into reminding the world that they still exist.

Muse are a band that adopt the theatrics in not only their epic soundscapes they record, but their live shows. Their latest effort, due out towards September has taken the theatrical approach even further and used a slew of strings and orchestral arrangements without their songs.
Matt Bellamy has been quoted in several interviews, joking that their album might be better suited to a Classical FM station, than the usual alternative and pop selections.

Muse aren’t the only band that are taking a different approach to their musical standings. Iggy Pop has been quoted recently as saying that he has strayed from his raw punk sound, and moving out into the world of Jazz.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs constantly stun crowds with their engimatic live shows, and their follow up album to 2006’s Show Your Bones titled It’s Blitz will be just as highly anticipated as expected. Due out within a few months, the album is reportedly taking a chance with a different sound. The sound leaks, streamed from all corners of the internet show the band moving more to an 80’s New Wave pop sound, rather than their usual quirky indie approach.

Along with these bands follows Greenday with their follow up release to American Idiot the album which took over the whole world. With massive arena tours, literally thousands of fans reignited and a whole new take on their genre, Greenday are back and ready to take over the world yet again. With many reports that the sound is quite similar to American Idiot, the anticipation towards their new album is building slowly with hopes they’ll manage to make their fans squeal just as loud with excitement as last time.

Coldplay are turning the way the music industry is run and releasing their fifth album, just one year after Viva La Vida, the album that stunned critics with its deep subject and amazing imagery. While there is little speculation regarding the musical direction of the album, many are citing it as a follow up as another rock opera to finish off the story that Viva La Vida started.

It’s not just the typical rock acts that are releasing albums this year. Rumours are brewing that hip hop prodigies Outkast are to release three separate albums this year, as well as new albums from Dr Dre, and Eminem.

Regardless of genre, release date or tours, it’s definitely shaping up for a big year in music. Hundreds of big scale tours are taking place, as well as small venues, showcases in different countries and little bands are just starting to hit the big time.

So keep your eyes and especially your ears peeled for the new music heading your way!

By Mel Clarke