/Album Success for Adele

Album Success for Adele

She has been constantly in the music headlines and she has become one of the most popular music artists in the world. Her success has continued to grow and there is no doubt that she will remain popular for many years to come. It has now been announced that the second album from the singer, 21, has passed the ten million sales mark.

Despite being released many months ago the album continues to achieve many sales; this week the album achieved 280,000 sales. This now means that in total the album has sold 10.15 million copies. Three million of these sales were in the United States where the album has achieved triple platinum status.

Adele continues to become one of the biggest music artists in the music business and she has recently revealed that she will continue another music tour. The singer has recently finished a UK tour but she had to cancel numerous events due to her suffering from a major throat illness.

As well as selling many copies of her new album the singer has also achieved excellent sales figures on her debut album, 19. This album has returned to the album charts and continues to grow in sales. Adele has also been nominated for many different music awards and she has won several of the awards that she has been nominated for.

The work on the album works perfectly and the songs are loved by people worldwide. Adele revealed that the second album she produced was all about an ex boyfriend and the break up of the relationship. This week it has been revealed that the singer and the ex have now become friends again. Whilst there are no plans to get back together the artist has stated that she is very pleased to be friends again with the mystery man.