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Advertising on Music.co.uk

Advertising Overview:

Music.co.uk is positioned to become the number 1 website for music lovers in the UK. Advertising your business on our website allows you direct targeted access to this audience. In January 2010 a banner advert on Music.co.uk would have been displayed over 310,000 times. Our website is focused towards being genuinely useful to music lovers, we do not believe in a site plastered in adverts but would like adverts that not only helps you but are really useful for our readers.

Our Ad Spots:


This image indicates the position of the ad slots on our site.

Ad Formats & Rates

All our adverts are sold on a per calendar month basis. This keeps the sales process simples both in invoicing and maintenance therefore lower cost to you. There is a maximum of four advertisers in rotation in any one advert slot to ensure constant exposure to our readership.

Top Banner

The top left hand banner is visable on all pages of the website, and is our most popular and prominent area for advertising. The advert size is 468×60 pixels. Price: £400+vat per calendar month.

Side Skyscraper

The left hand side skyscraper advert is a whopping 120×600 , allowing a double height advert visable on all pages. Price: £300+vat per calendar month.

Footer Leaderboard

Our footer leaderboard at 728 x 90 advert is the biggest advert available on our website, and is placed as the very last item on a page. These work particularly well on the forum page, where users read entire pages, scroll to the bottom , and then click through to the next page. Price: £300+vat per calendar month.

Interested in advertising on Music.co.uk ? Please get in touch with us via this web form!

Advertising Guidelines
We have a few quick guidelines below to help you create the best advert. We hope this will promote a more positive feel to the advert and therefore improve campaign results.

  • We have a set area where we can provide advert space. This is in general, the top left , side bar and a footer advert.
  • We do not allow adverts inside our authored content. This includes text links, banners or the like.
  • You may link to any part of your site (link will be set as ‘nofollow’) but it must not misdirect or mislead a user clicking through.
  • Music.co.uk do offer cross promotions eg. competitions and ‘advertorials’ – get in touch if you have an interesting idea!
  • It is our strong belief that adverts should not interfere with the use of the site or annoy the users. This means no pop-unders or the like!
  • Music.co.uk tries to be a friendly site, and so any advert needs to be as ‘family friendly’ as possible.
  • It goes without saying will will not run adverts that are sexist, racist, defamatory or the like.

We advise:

  • Creative adverts! This is a no-brainer but if your advert is dull and uninteresting it is likely to be passed over. If you have issues finding the right advert please get in touch as we can recommended some great designers and agencies.
  • Use animation! Impact is enhanced with movement outside the usual frame by frame rotation of images.
  • Be Real! Cartoony images often work less well than real pictures of people and products.
  • User Control! If the advert has sound or expands, let the user close and mute the ad with ease.
  • Call to Action! Tell the user what to do , click here or come visit? Let them know.
  • Short and Sweet! People do not browse the internet to view adverts, so bear in mind short attention spans.

All advertising is subject to approval by the Music.co.uk staff, and must not be offensive, annoying or illegal in any way. If you wish to promote something spammy/malware/harmful then this is not the site for you! We reserve the right not run an advert submitted for any reason, and will strive to ensure a replacement can be run, failing that a full refund will be given. No refunds for adverts which have already displayed can be given under any circumstances.

Competitions and Link Ups

Music.co.uk operates regular competitions, and have found that providing a prize in exchange for cross-promotion in the competition works well to link with users. Related questions and or games to win the prize can be used to highlight specific features of a new product, promotion or the like. Generally Music.co.uk runs a weekly competition, however one off promotions are possible.

Advertising Process

The process for advertising on Music.co.uk is as follows:

  • Review our Ad Formats and discuss our rates with us to decide which options are best for you.
  • Advert placement agreement is reached and invoice created.
  • On payment of invoice advertising goes live
  • Ongoing review by Music.co.uk and Advertiser of progress reports.

Interested in advertising on Music.co.uk ? Please get in touch with us via this web form!