/Adele to Work With Other Artists?

Adele to Work With Other Artists?

Popular artist Adele has been hinting that she will be carrying out some collaborations in the future. It is not known who the artist will work with or whether she defiantly will but she has made suggestions about working with several different artists. Adele has become one of the most popular artists of the modern day and she continue to break records with her music. The popular singer has recently hit the headline due to her being forced to cancel numerous live performances as a result of illness. It is now hoped by many Adele fans that she will produce new material and this may mean collaborations.

Adele has recently revealed that she would love to collaborate with the Mumford and Sons. The London singer is still recovering from her recent illness but she revealed that she would love to work with the band. Apparently Adele really enjoys the voice of the frontman Marcus Mumford.

London singer Adele stated that if she was to choose someone to work with she would certainly pick the Mumford and Sons. Talking about the band Adele stated that the voice of the singer goes straight through her. She compares his voice to the first moment that she heard Etta James. Whilst Adele has revealed that she would love to work with the band apparently there not any fans for this to happen.

Popular artist Tinie Tempah has repeatedly revealed how much of a fan he is of Adele and has stated that he would love to work alongside her.

Adele had been set to start a ten date tour across in Atlantic City, New Jersey but this had to be cancelled due to illness. The artist has been suffering from a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. The artist has been advised by doctors that she should rest until she has had time to recuperate properly. Apparently further details will follow about the rout being rescheduled.

Doctors have warned that if Adele does not rest she may risk losing her singing voice entirely and therefore it has become incredibly important for