/Adele Wins Big at Billboard Music Awards

Adele Wins Big at Billboard Music Awards

British singer Adele continues to outdo her competition by being the most popular artist within the UK. Her success across the globe also continues to be recognised, Adele was the biggest winner at the Billboard music awards in Las Vegas last night.

The popular artist was picked for many of the top prizes including best album for her second record, 21. In total Adele was awarded twelve Billboard music awards; in total she had been nominated for eighteen.

The awards were not presented to the artist at the show as she was not in attendance.

Other notable winners of awards included Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and LMFAO.

Despite being a British artist Adele has defied any critics and has become of the most recognised artists across the world at present.

Recently the artist revealed that she had turned down the opportunity to headline Glastonbury festival. Many fans believe that this decision was made based on the fear of performing to large crowds that she holds; although despite this fear Adele regularly does perform to thousands of people.