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Adele Success

The success of Adele has been quite phenomenal, she has been highly successful across the world. The singer has been one of the biggest sensations ever and the UK music industry are praising her highly for her success.

The artist has received numerous awards in recent times at some of the prestigious awards ceremonies across the world. Adele did also have a difficult year at the end of 2011 when she underwent throat surgery, there had been worries that she may not recover properly.

Fortunately for her millions of fans and the music industry she did make a full recovery.

The artist has recently broken yet another her record, her album 21 has become the longest running number one album in Australia this ceremony.

The album racked up thirty weeks at the top of the charts after seeing off the record held by Delta Goodrem’s Innocent Eyes which was at number one for twenty nine weeks in 2003.

If Adele manages to knock up another five weeks at the top of the charts she will break the record for the longest ever time at number one in the ARIA Chart. This record is currently held by Dire Straits and their album Brothers In Arms recorded in 1985.