/Adele to Stop Smoking?

Adele to Stop Smoking?

Music fans will be well aware of the fantastic success that Southern singer Adele has managed to achieve in recent times. The music star has become one of the biggest music acts throughout the world and her music material is being greatly appreciated by millions. Whilst the singer has managed to break many different records she has of late been ill and therefore unable to carry out any live performances.

The star is now being advised by Boy George that she must give up smoking in order to ensure that her voice remains in top condition.

The singer who has had several major hits has recently been forced to cancel large scale large performances in both the US and UK due to illness; she has also undergone surgery.

After seeking medical attention the star was diagnosed with a vocal cord hemorrhage.

Boy George has come out to state that Adele needs to stop smoking in order to ensure she does not leave the tone of her voice.

Adele had apparently planned to work on live performances before the year was out but these have now apparently been shelved.

It is still hoped that live performances will be completed by Adele.