/Adele Seeks Help for Stage Fright

Adele Seeks Help for Stage Fright

Adele may have been honoured through being awarded with many different musical accolades and having broken many records but it appears that not even Adele is perfect. It has been revealed that the star is being treated in order to help her get over her stage fright.

The music sensation has never hidden the fact that she is afraid of performing to large audiences; although many music critics argue that the star has never faltered to provide anything but a perfect live performance.

It has now emerged that the star is being hypnotized in order to treat her for her stage fright; the star revealed that this has crippled her career at some points.

Currently Adele is receiving the treatment whilst she is out in Los Angeles.

This may well be good timing as the star is set to perform her highly rated single Skyfall; this was also used as the James Bond theme for the most recent film. Rumours have suggested that Adele is currently suffering from panic attacks and sleepless nights about the performance.

Some of the Adele’s friends have suggested that the stage fright has been getting worse as of late and due to this Adele has reached out for professional help.