/Adele Refuses to Work With ITV

Adele Refuses to Work With ITV

The drama from the Brit Awards always spills over for weeks after the events but this time it would appear that the drama has been extended even further. The Brit Awards 2012 was a great success with record viewing numbers, showing that it is easily the most prestigious UK music awards ceremony.

As would be suspected by the majority of people, Adele dominated the awards ceremony and was awarded numerous awards. The music start has been the biggest hit to come out of the UK for many decades.

Earlier this month Adele was awarded six Grammy Awards, although whilst at the Brit Awards her speech to thank fans for one of her Brit Awards was interrupted. Host James Corden was ordered to interrupt the speech as Blur were playing and the show was running late.

Adele and thousands of her fans were highly unhappy with this happening.

It is now being reported that Adele has apparently scrapped plans to feature in a one off musical special on ITV1.

It is also believed that Adele has snubbed the offering to feature on the new series of the X Factor and instead she will feature on BBC rival show, The Voice.

An insider expert stated that Adele is one of the biggest names in the music business and her refusal to work with ITV will hit them hard.