/Adele Most Powerful Woman

Adele Most Powerful Woman

The musical sensation Adele has been voted that most influential person in the UK music industry. The artist has topped a list developed by the Guardian newspaper which ranks the top 100 influential people in the music business.

The 23 years old has really set the music industry alight with her fantastic achievements that she has gained with her first two albums. The 23 year old has stated that being voted the most influential is an astonishing achievement. Adele has been regarded by the newspaper as the most powerful force within the music industry at the moment. They suggest that she is a special artist and that music stretches out to a incredibly wide audience. The whole purpose of her music is not about gimmicks or selling sexuality as much of the modern music is, Adele purely delivers a message through her music.

Adele who operates under a different name to her real name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has brought a fresh approach to the UK music industry. In the past three years she has released two albums that have been incredibly successful.

The first album was ’19’ and this was released in 2008, it was welcomed greatly by music fans. The album won two Grammys and Adele also won awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The following album was ‘21’ and this has sold incredibly well in total there have been over six million copies sold across the world. This album also topped the UK charts fro 15 of the last 17 weeks. On this album there are numerous singles that are popular with her fans. The first released single Rolling in the Deep went straight to number one and resided there for numerous weeks. Her music brings something different to the charts and this appears to be welcomed by music fans.

During her time in the music industry Adele has broken numerous records and is being widely tipped to continue to dominate the charts with her future releases. Many of her fans hopes she continues to develop music as she is doing and some hope for future collaborations with other artists.