/Adele to Perform at VMAs

Adele to Perform at VMAs

Music sensation Adele has been invited to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). The show is well known for having the best artists in the world performing there and therefore Adele is understood to be extremely pleased with being invited to perform.

Adele who will perform for her first time at the awards ceremony will perform alongside Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Both of these artists have performed at the VMAs before and therefore Adele may turn to the artists for advice.

Not only will Adele be performing at the awards ceremony but she also has a very good chance of being awarded of the titles at the ceremony. Adele has been nominated for seven VMAs and she recently announced that she fears performing in front of large crowds. The fear of performing is the main reason why Adele has decided not to participate in festivals or arena tours.

The ceremony which the artist will perform at will be held in Los Angeles on the 28th August, it will be broadcast live on television throughout the United States.

The artist who has received the most nominations for 2011 is Katy Perry who has nine nominations. These nominations include one for video of the year for her song Firework, other nominations include best pop video and best special effects.

Adele and Kanye West have both received seven nominations each, both artists are widely tipped to receive at least one award.

The executive vice president of music and talent at MTV, Amy Doyle, has stated that Adele has been selected to perform due to her sending chills down the spines of the people who watch her.

Other artists who multiple nominations at the VMAs include Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. All of these artists have been very popular throughout 2011.

It was revealed that Chris Brown was selected to perform due to him having numerous successful singles this year and due to him always delivering when on stage.

Adele has stated that she hopes this experience will be as enjoyable as when she performed at the Brit Awards. The artist recently revealed that appearing at the Brits was one of the proudest and most exciting moments of her career.