/Adele Back To Number One Again

Adele Back To Number One Again

The pop career of music artist Adele continues to grow with rapid pace, this week she returned to number one yet again. In recent months the artist has broken numerous different records which have been held by artists throughout the UK and across numerous different countries. Adele has quickly become one of the most popular music talents within the UK. The soul singer has now had two top selling albums, her first album 19 was a record seller and her latest album 21 has become amazingly popular all over the world.

Adele has already broken numerous records during the time that the album has been at number one, this includes the record for being the longest album at the top for consecutive weeks; Adele gained this record after the album remained at the top for eleven weeks consecutively.

The artist, just 22 years old released the album in January and since then it has become a number 1 selling album in 17 European countries and the US. The artists previous and debut album named 19 is also featuring in the UK charts at number 2, second to her own album. The competition which Adele has beaten off in order to remain at number 1 and number 2 includes Ronan Keating’s collaboration with Burt Bacharach.

Within the music industry there was little doubt that Adele would remain at number 1, bookmakers were offering very short odds at 1/6 to remain there for another week.
The record company for Adele are understandably very happy with her performance as she has substantially boosted their revenue. The company, an independent producer XL, has a 9% share of the UK market. This is considerably smaller than larger labels such as EMI.

Adele has released a statement which indicates that she is now hoping to remain at number one for several more weeks. Despite the album being released a considerable time ago she continues to promote it and her management are very pleased at the sales achieved.