/Adele Music Threat

Adele Music Threat

Adele has been forced to make a major decision about her future music career and this is likely to be something that is of great interest to her fans. The twenty three year old artist who has two best selling albums has been told by doctors that she must take an extended rest period. Adele has already taken one rest period in order to recover from a hemorrhage on her vocal chords. The artist was forced to cancel numerous gigs that were part of her UK tour. It was hoped that the artist had made a full recovery but the advice announced suggests otherwise.

An expert surgeon who runs a vocal clinic has revealed that is likely that Adele will out of action for a minimum of two weeks. The surgeon, Jonathon Hern, stated that Adele will be admitted under the ear, nose and throat department and the larynx of the singer will be monitored carefully.

This announcement that has been made has now meant that Adele will have to halt her USA tour. This is not the third time that the music star has had to postpone a tour. Many of her fans are now worried that her music career may only have a short shelf life due to the illnesses that keep occurring.

It is believed that Adele has worsened her condition by singing through performances whilst suffering from a vocal cord hemorrhage. The artist told BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles that she had previously song whilst having vocal difficulties.

Medical experts have revealed that Adele may have to go through voice physio before she returns to work. Adele has stated that this illness is devastating and that losing her voice is like having an arm cut off.

The many fans of Adele located across the world are now hoping that she makes a full recovery and that she is able to perform on her tours as she desires.