/Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (Single/Video)

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (Single/Video)

There is no doubt that Adam Lambert was one of the big stars to come out of Season 8 of American Idol, and I certainly enjoyed watching him, though he has slipped under my radar since then, well until now that is. Adam Lambert is preparing for the UK release of his single ‘For Your Entertainment’, and album of the same name, which he hopes will go down as well as it did in America.

Today I review the single, which is a pulsing, rhythmic club track packed full of synth/electro beats. Although it doesn’t have as many hooks as I was expecting, and the beat is a bit too heavy for me, I did find myself getting into it after a few listens, and can certainly appreciate Adams vocal ability. His voice was smooth and polished throughout, with some pleasing intonations on some of the lyrics, and surprisingly high notes towards the end.

In keeping with Adam’s style and character, and the nature of the song, the video is set in an underground dance club. It’s all hot, steamy, and a wee bit gothic/vampish with chandeliers, and various other props adding to the atmosphere. Adam, all in black, struts around the club, and sidles up to some of the female dancers during the routine. There are arguments for the track and video being a bit generic, but they are also quite engaging, and although I wouldn’t want too big a dose of the heavy electro beats, I did enjoy my first real listen of Adam’s music. The album apparently features a whole host of top writers and producers too, so we might have more treats in store in the next few months.

‘For Your Entertainment’ is available now, with the full length album following on May 3rd. For more information visit http://www.adamofficial.com