/Action Plan for Ruined Music Warehouse

Action Plan for Ruined Music Warehouse

An action plan has been created to solve the problem of getting music to retailers after a fire ripped through a warehouse holding 3.5 million CDs, vinyl releases and box sets. As previously reported the fire was started during the recent rioting and numerous artists have had their material ruined as a result. The action plan has been created by PIAS, the largest distributor of independent music in the UK. It is believed that thousands of artists have been affected by this fire.

The warehouse was owned by record label Sony DADC, it acted as the distribution centre for the record label. Relocation has now been organised and for the foreseeable future the company will now operate from a warehouse in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire.

Included within the action plan is an agreement between PIAS and another company, Proper Music Distribution. It is hoped that the companies will be able to distribute CDs to different retailers.

The Chief Executive, Kenny Gates, for PIAS has praised the music industry for the incredible support that has been provided to the company. Mr Gates also thanked the artists and record labels which they operated with for being very supportive and helpful at this exceptionally difficult time.

The fire which ruined the warehouse was started on 8th August by rioters in Enfield. The amount of record labels that have been impacted upon totals 150 and these include major labels such as Warp and XL. One record label, Beggars, estimates that it lost around 750,000 CDs in the fire but they thankfully have extra stock around the world which can be used to meet the demand.

Music artists have also been impacted upon greatly, for example Toddla T had to change the release date of his album after copies of his CD were destroyed in the fire.

The Arctic Monkeys have decided to promote downloads of their album due to much of their stock being destroyed. The release of their single ‘Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’ was also affected by the fire. Domino Records the record label for the Arctic Monkeys stated the single should have been released on August 15th but this had to be changed.

It is now hoped that the action plan in place will allow CDs to be distributed to retailers in order to allow them to supply demand.