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  • What is Music.co.uk ?

    Our aim is to be the Number 1 music website in the UK.

    We want to achieve that by being the most useful website to the music lover. This to us means having comprehensive music information for all areas; be it cheesy pop to hardware techie geeks! To us, being a website is more than just forums and listings, we want to be useful and interesting!

    Over time we will bring online genuinely useful geo-services, so you can find local adverts/gigs/people on a map, perhaps an SMS when someone places an advert for something you want that is close enough to jump in a car and have a look at. Gig listings where you can arrange to go with friends, and then upload your pictures or tie in your Flickr album, while writing a quick review for others to comment on. Add on our leading price comparison engine, which we built to make sure we could get the widest possible prices on anything music related, we hope that we can save you a few quid as well!

    We encourage anyone who has an idea to get in touch, we want this site to be here for you and do what you want it to do – so please, tell us what we are missing!!

    Who is Music.co.uk ?

    Firstly the boring bit; Music.co.uk is a trading name of Hey.co.uk Ltd. Hey is the formal company behind Music.co.uk.

    Rob Taylor heads up the team behind Music.co.uk , which has a few people working on the site in various forms ; notably the reviewers , hardware gurus, designers, screeching ‘vocalist’ and general music boffins.

    How do I contact Music.co.uk ?

    To email us please click here to use the contact form on this page, remember to double check your message as without your info we cant get back to you!

    If you want to email over demo’s or big attachments, please use the contact form and we can give you a dedicated address to send them to.

    Our postal address, for sending anything you like to – hopefully something interesting – is as follows, you can send complaints, formal requests, CDs / demos to review, prizes and winning lottery tickets to:

    122 Chester Road
    LL11 2SN

    We do get a fair volume of post and email, and sadly there is only so many hours in the day (less if there is a gig to go to) so if we are a little slow to reply now you know why!