/15 Questions With Emma Deigman

15 Questions With Emma Deigman


Welcome to the world of Emma Deigman, a brand new talent on the U.K soul scene. In an impressive start to her career she has already landed a slot supporting Girls Aloud on tour, and performed at the Breathing Life Awards in London. We caught up with Emma on a break from the tour to ask her our ’15 Questions. 

1 – What is your band / artist name, and why did you choose it?
Emma Deigman – I was born with it!

2 – What stage are you at in your career at the moment?
I have completed my debut album and am currently on tour with Girls Aloud on a 32 date arena tour of the UK.

3 – What is your music background? (Who are you and your band members? Tell us your story!)
I started at the age of 7 in Les Miserables, and then at 10 I had a leading role in Annie in the West End and also performed with Jay Z on Top of the Pops singing “It’s a hard knock life” I wrote and recorded my album with Eliot Kennedy (Spice Girls, Take That and Brian Adams) in Sheffield over the last 12 months after sending him a number of demo’s and have been gigging extensively in the London area prior to the Girls Aloud tour. My album will be out in the summer.

4 – How do you describe your music to people?
Retro soul with a leaning towards Motown, Funk and 70’s Philly sound.

5 – What do you think about people downloading music online?
It’s great to have music so accessible and some music is free to download but where it is an artist’s livelihood it should be paid for.

6 – What dream tour would you love to be on, with any past or present bands?
Justin Timberlake or Kings of Leon

7 – What have been the biggest obstacles for you, to get your music heard?
Every stage is a challenge as you have to work hard to prove yourself but you just keep going and find ways to convince people to come on board.

8 – What is the best freebie you have ever been given?
Still waiting for it…!!

9 – Everyone has a song that annoyingly sticks in their head, what is yours
at the moment?
“Miss You Bow Wow” by Girls Aloud – great song though!!

10 – Who are you tipping for the top, music wise?
Julian Perretta.

11 – What do you do with your free time?
Watch Films.

12 – Have you discovered any interesting music related sites online?
Spotify…It has so many records available that are free to listen to, and is completely legal!

13 – Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?
The Lyrics.

14 – Tell us about your next gigs and why we should be there!
Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Newcastle with Girls Aloud. (tour now complete. Visit www.emmadeigman.com for future dates.)

15 – Interview questions can be quite dull, so what do you really want to be
to talking about now?
My next single which is out at the end of June!

After reading Emma’s interview I went to have a sneaky peek at her you tube channel, and was very impressed. This is one young lady that has definitely captured a summer soul groove, found a great live band, and a stage presence that’s sure to charm many music fans in the future. http://www.youtube.com/user/EmmaDeigmanDotCom.