/’15 Questions’ With April Maybe May

’15 Questions’ With April Maybe May

AMM3A host of questions, and some brand new talent ready and waiting to answer them! Yes ’15 Questions’ is back in Spring 2010, and this time introduces you to ‘April Maybe May’. These guys are a four piece from Barrow In Furness, UK, with Rosie on vocals and acoustic guitar, Matt on electric guitar and backing vocals, Peter on Bass, and Jake on drums. They release an album on April 24th, but took time out of their promo schedule to answer our questions!

How would you describe your act, in the style of an advert?

Two soft voices, blended in perfection. April Maybe May is music for people who know how to listen…!

If you could read one newspaper headline about yourselves in 2010, what would it be?

“Cumbrian duo win Ivor Novello Award”

If a radio station gave you control of their shows and playlists for a day, what would you do?

Neil Young megamix? We’d play all the music we love, and banish inane DJ chatter!

You decide to plan a launch for your new album/single release, what would your ideal event be?

A cosy room with armchairs, soft lighting, pizza, fizzy wine – and an intimate set from us…!

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about the music industry?

We’re learning more every day, but one of the biggest lessons would be to believe in what you’re doing – then others will too.

Are there any instruments or other music related skills you’d like to pick up or improve on?

Rosie would love to learn cello, but really should be concentrating on learning the names of her notes on guitar! Matt, on the other hand, wishes he could sing like Jeff Buckley.

You’re asked to design/come up with something to giveaway to fans at your gigs, what would it be?

A nice sturdy canvas tote bag, with a nice illustration and our website printed on the side – then our fans could do greener shopping, and help spread the word about the band at the same time!

What’s your favourite part of music history? (acts/genres etc)

For Matt it’s the 1960s – The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Motown, Hendrix, the start of the singer/songwriter movement.

For Rosie it’s the current phase of music coming out of America – bands like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Laura Veirs, Iron and Wine. Really wonderful, heartfelt, honest music…

What was the last thing you googled online?

A cheap holiday!

Have you any funny ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style stories you can share with us?


Who would you most like to interview and what would you ask them?

Nick Drake. But we wouldn’t ask him any questions; we’d just sit with him for a while.

Do you still buy CD singles/albums, or is it all about downloads?

Both, but having something physical in your hands, a booklet to flick through, photos to look at is a better feeling. Downloads are so handy, but maybe feel a bit empty somehow.

Who do you think we should watch out for music wise this year?

April Maybe May, Cari Flower, Simon Chandler, Atlas…

How would you promote the British music scene abroad?

We would do our bit to help by volunteering to play gigs in very hot countries!

And finally, what else should we know about your act?

We are playing gigs across the country – please check www.myspace.com/aprilmaybemay for dates. The album gets a national release on May 24th, and is available on iTunes and Amazon, or from www.seahouserecords.co.uk