/15 Questions 2010 With K-Cat

15 Questions 2010 With K-Cat

BDCPacshot2010 Looks set to be an interesting year for new music, and one lady hoping to be a part of this, is KCAT, who releases her debut single in February. She speaks to music.co.uk ahead of the release, and tells us all about her ideal single launch party, her inner rock chick, and love of Jolly Ranchers!

How would you describe your act, in the style of an advert?

Packed full of colour, style, attitude, with a cutting Edge. Batteries not Included!

If you could read one newspaper headline about yourselves in 2010, what would it be?

KCAT turns her dreams into reality.

If a radio station gave you control of their shows and playlists for a day, what would you do?

I’d ban bad music, and play all my favourite tunes.

You decide to plan a launch for your new album/single release, what would your ideal event be?

Since the single release is called “Boys Don’t Cry”, I’d invite 50 Men of different races, creeds, culture, and sexual orientation, aged between 16 – 30. Then I would set up a competition to see if anyone could tell the ages of the men just by their appearance. The Winner would get free entry to the next launch party.  This would be the ideal launch party, purely for the fact that I would be surrounded by men.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about the music industry?

Everyone has an opinion, so just believe in yourself, and maintain a thick skin if you want to succeed.

Are there any instruments or other music related skills you’d like to pick up or improve on?

I’d love to play bass, and electric guitar. I think I’m a rocker trying to come out!

You’re asked to design/come up with something to giveaway to fans at your gigs, what would it be?

A grow your own man toy. You list 5 things you’d want in a man, wish for it, then put the toy under some warm water, and watch your man toy become life sized. Lol.  If only!!!!

What’s your favourite part of music history? (acts/genres etc)

1980’s. Jackson Five, Blondie, Queen, Wham, Pat Benetar. There was so much creativity and colour in music, it was full of personality and attitude. Fun Music; the best years of Pop.

What was the last thing you googled online?

www.americansoda.co.uk.  I wanted to know where I could buy Jolly ranchers from.  I have a caring for them.

Have you any funny ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style stories you can share with us?

Old clips of my birthday parties when I was a kid, I used to get extremely mad when another kid would try to blow out my candles.

Who would you most like to interview and what would you ask them?

Michael Jackson. I’d ask him if he could teach me the Moonwalk.

Do you still buy CD singles/albums, or is it all about downloads?

Both! I buy albums on CD for presents mostly, and to read the credits at the back or look at the fancy artwork.

Who do you think we should watch out for music wise this year?

Me of course!

How would you promote the British music scene abroad?

We have such an innovative music scene here. I’d say how we are the best at crossing genres, and making a whole new movement by experimenting. I would also go abroad myself, and present myself as a fresh new British act that they can get to know!

And finally what else should we know about your act?

Watch out for the single “Boys Don’t Cry” to be released on download only on the 8th of February.  Please check out the video on youtube, or visit me on www.myspace .com/kcatworld.  Follow me on twitter – www.twitter.com/kcatmusic, or check out my Facebook fan page.

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