/14 Questions With Nate Campany

14 Questions With Nate Campany

Music.co.uk is delighted to introduce our second American artist to the fray (that I’ve interviewed at least), so sit back, relax, and read on to find out all about up and coming country-pop-folk singer Nate Campany!

1 – What is your band / artist name, and why did you choose it?


My name is Nate Campany. My parents chose the name for me, not sure
why actually. My dad is George Alfred Campany III, and I should have
been the IV. My band is named THE SERENADE. I liked the name because
it can sound singular and plural all at the same time. I liked the
idea of a group of people forming and being part of a serenade. Part A

2 – What stage are you at in your career at the moment?

As an artist I am just starting out, so I guess you could say I am in
the cute baby stage, right before the terrible twos. I have been
writing songs for other artists though, and with that career, I like
to think of myself as a blossoming teenage girl becoming a beautiful
young lady.

3 – What is your music background? (Who are you and your band members?
Tell us your story!)

Well, I grew up taking piano lessons and I took them long enough to
realise I had no future as a classical piano player. That’s when I
turned to songwriting. My band is collected from all over the country;
we represent Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia,
Colorado, Indiana, Vermont, and Kansas, although most of us met in
Boston. All of them are in other bands and I feel like the luckiest
man in the world when I get to play with them.

4 – How do you describe your music to people?

Well, I’d say it’s got a lot of Americana leanings with some smart pop melodies.

5 – What do you think about people downloading music online?

I’m assuming you mean illegally. I don’t think anyone has negative
thoughts about people buying things legally online. As far as illegal
downloading, I think it hurts the labels, but the labels were just
taking advantage of the artists anyways. So, lots of people say it’s
better to give away music and have people come to the shows. I’m
pretty torn. For me it’s an ethical thing, so if I can purchase
something, I do.

6 – What dream tour would you love to be on, with any past or present bands?

Wow, my tour may look like a festival poster. I have the typical
favourites, Beach Boys, Beatles, Dylan, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel.
Newer favorites are David Bazan, Feist, Calexico.

7 – What have been the biggest obstacles for you, to get your music heard?

For me it’s just been winning over people who haven’t heard me before.
At shows you have to earn the audience, it’s something I enjoy, so I
love playing in front of people who haven’t heard of me; it makes it
so much nicer when people come and talk to you afterwards.

8 – What is the best freebie you have ever been given?

My parents have worked hard to give me many things, but the fact that
they helped put my through college is something special to me.

9 – Everyone has a song that annoyingly sticks in their head, what is
yours at the moment?

Well, it’s not annoying because I love the songs, but there are two.
Halo by Beyonce, and Human by The Killers. All day, all night.

10 – Who are you tipping for the top, music wise?

The cool thing about living in New York is that so many of my friends
are coming up at the same time I am. Keep your ears and eyes open for
these acts: Atomic Tom, Greg Holden, Winter Took His Life, Susan Enan,
Basin Alders. In the UK, I like this girl called Eliza Doolittle, and
in LA there is a video director called Lance Drake that is gonna turn
a lot of heads.

11 – What do you do with your free time?

Read, write songs for other artists, walk around and a lot of domestic
things, like dishes and laundry!

12 – Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?

I have always written music and melody first. I generally start with a
vibe or a feeling, meaning I know what the song’s gonna be about as a
concept. Then I write the music and fit lyrics to that. Some people
like to do lyrics first, but for me it boxes the music in too much.

13 – Tell us about your next gigs and why we should be there!

Well, I’m playing a run of shows in the UK. I’m supporting my new EP
that I just put out and I’m excited about all the songs.

14 – Interview questions can be quite dull, so what do you really want
to be to talking about now?

I want to be talking about how much I miss Cleveland, and how excited I
am about them doing well in the NBA playoffs. Dork stuff, I know, but
hey, Cleveland doesn’t have much.

LJX018 Nate 6pp Digipak v5 20090219Nate Campany has been visiting the U.K during May to promote his E.P, The Only Bridge I Need, which is released on June 1st.  Keep your eyes on music.co.uk for a review! Or visit his official website at www.natecampany.com for more information.