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Beyoncé and Elton John reportedly working on new versions of Lion King songs

Beyoncé is reportedly working with Elton John on new versions of classic Lion King songs for the forthcoming remake of the Disney film.

With production on the film now underway, a new report has claimed that Beyoncé is currently working with John to refine new versions of classic Lion King songs for the upcoming remake. The New York Daily News has reported that she is collaborating with John in the studio on such tracks as ‘Circle of Life’ and ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’. John and Hans Zimmer contributed extensively to the soundtrack of the original 1994 film, with the former reportedly signing a deal with Disney which permits him to reimagine his original songs for the new version of The Lion King.

“It is unthinkable when you have Beyoncé involved not to have her sing some of those iconic hits – and that means huge sales to a new generation. The deal is a huge one and will earn [Elton John] millions at many stages. Obviously he will get a one off licensing deal followed by a cut in royalties from all aspects of the work.”

Top pic credit: Rosana Prada

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