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Thread: Real G member of Heavy Mob is here

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    Real G member of Heavy Mob is here

    Wha gwan my $$$$$z and all the gal dem. Real G is here. Big up all the people trying to make it in the music industry and shouts out to my $$$$$ DJ Dred watch out for Real G and Dred sounds cummin soon
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    Eh eh a su u a gwan

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    Yo Shamp's what u sayin so what endz r u from and where du u u flex
    Wha gwan MC Carnage u cool blood

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    Who shot Dred

    So I heard Dread's dead, but who shot is the question. I heard it was his gal because the sex was bad, then I heard it was his brothers as they were ashamed of him
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    lol u funi sta.... im frm bham where u at

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    U cool

    Yea I know im a joker, im at college at the moment, where u at?
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    hi. you're funny.

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    Why do you keep attaching those pix to ur messages?

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    Seen im at skool its soo dry an i cant even use MSN chu dat jus makes it worse newayz hw old r ya

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    Ezee! Real G goin on like a badman!!
    jus cos i showed u how to use dis u keep doin it like!

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    Ezee shamps!

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    YeS YeS blud wata gwan!!! u aite

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    yo Lady Ice wha gwan, I put them pictures up because I think there heavy. So what u sayin
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    yeh man! everytings cool! u?

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    nah man im sooo bored an its FREEEZIN sta cant wait 2get home

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    innit... im goin 2 get pizza hut buffet now yeh! l8r!!!

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    Oyeh da picz do luk kinda hevy stil..... but i do fink dat dey wud luk even hevy a on my ting....

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    wat u mean?

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    nah dat was 2da nxt buoy an u neva hav 2tel me u goin pizza hut im hungry aswel sta an dina time aint 4 anotha hour (bumbo ima die)

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