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    How do u put pics in ya posts??

    Assistance needed
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    hey jo,

    a) you can't do it in quick reply
    b) you do it in new thread or post a reply

    above the <submit reply> button, there's a field called "Attach File" the <browse> button and look for the file you want to attach if it's on your desktop.

    We can only attach .jpeg .jpg or .gif files at the moment.

    If you want to point to a pic which is already on the web, use the IMG tags:

    [IMG][/ IMG]

    like that...but take the space out after the / in the last [/ IMG] tag

    Let me know if this works...

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    u CAN do it in quick reply if ur clever enuff illy:

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    you can do an attachment?

    me no tink so.

    The image codes will work as typed, but I don't know if attachments will...

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    nar attatchments don't.

    but her pics are already on the web.

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    Yeah he has already said how u jackass illy:

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    make a new thread in which you post the pics

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