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Thread: DJ narRows - img001

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    DJ narRows - img001

    I was gonna use this image as a record sleeve sometime, but people thought it was a bit 'dark', whatever that means.

    I LIKE IT, so Im posting it - raggo.

    DJ narRows
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    u should use that m8 kinda matrix ting going on

    big up

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    Nov 2001
    i dont like you

    but thats quite nice

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    personally boss ..judging from your music and your artwork... i find u quite a scary individual .

    otherwise yea its nice

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    lol @ Stun

    Yeah I get why ppl would say its a bit dark but I like it.

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    Like that m8, good job.

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    Is he narrows?

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    yes, yes he is

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    Me gusta sus ilustraciones.

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