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Thread: Some of ma Lyrics (no1s heard my lyrix)

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    Some of ma Lyrics (no1s heard my lyrix)

    I juss thought i would rite a few lyrics coz i noticed a lot of people r postin deres up and i wana see wot u fink.......

    Been thru nuff but im stil guna stand,
    Ask if i got a lot of money in ma hand,
    And i dont show a lot, and i dont show a grand,
    Sharin ma gifts worth treasure in da sand,

    People say $$$$ off coz i got nuffin 2 show,
    But im neva guna stop and im neva guna go,
    Coz da lyrics dat i got and da lyrix dat i no,
    R worth more 2 me den da dagger dat u throw,

    Wen it hits me in da chest i hit da floor,
    Den in da middle of da nite feds nockin on ur door,
    And i had 2 start again coz i didnt ave da flow any more,
    But den i came bak even bigga den b4,

    I got on da mic neva hessitated,
    After ma flow had bin violated,
    Woznt guna leave ma flow annialated,
    So i proved ma new flow bin created,

    Wot i fink people fink and wot i no people say,
    Dont influence me coz im here anyway,
    Wen dey tell me im $$$$ i juss dun giv a $$$$,
    Coz im out 2 prove a point and im neva shuttin up,

    When people cant do beta, y hate?
    And start makin threats wen i retaliate,
    Like ur guna get ur cru and ur guna buss ma face,
    And im standin on stage and ma hand biggins 2 shake,
    A gun shot dat created da violence,
    Some1 gets shot and were in a minutes silence,

    And for wot? 2 create a rude image well dats old now,
    People want u 2 stop but u dun no how,
    Da reputation uve got 2 cause bad vibes and profanity,
    So people now stop wif da hatin and da jealousy,

    I cant go down for da rest of da nite, due 2 frite,
    Coz if i do i mite get in a fite,
    Da shoutin and screamin caused by da spite,
    Coz i shouted $$$$ bak dat u would neva recite,
    Given 3 seconds 2 get out his site,
    So wen he counted 2 three i turned off da lite,
    Juss 2 piss him off more wen i ran out da door,
    Down da road round da corner in a house like b4,
    And whether he woz followin i couldnt be sure,
    But if he dare touch me he'l be breakin da law,
    But i woz still scared, frightened and afraid,
    Finkin bout da anger and da stress dat i made,
    But as i grow olda da feelin wil fade,
    But im a keep on runnin and hide in da shade,
    Til he dont expect it den i wil blow up again,
    And im a keep on runnin til da end of da lane,
    And wen im insain, dey wil say its a shame,
    Wot a waste of a human wot a waste of a brain,
    But im forced 2 take da lix and im forced 2 take da pain,
    And at da end of da day da situations da same,


    A laffin child her dad and a gal i used 2 hold,
    All dem dayz all dem weeks all dem months and yrs ago,
    And hauntin me down is wot i woz once told,
    Dat one day i wil rise and realise dat im old,
    And regret not doin da tings i could ave dun,
    And wonder y i didnt appreciate dem moments in da sun,
    Wif a gal in ma arms and friends dat were dere for me,
    A strong relationship and a woman dat cared for me,
    And i wont be able 2 accept dat im a die alone,
    And da reason behind ma whole existance is unknown,
    I neva wanted dis! Thought i would learn from ma mistakes,
    But always went 2 far who messed wif ma brakes,
    All da 3 course meals and da dinners went 2 waste,
    Wen i sit and realise she aint comin 2 our date,
    Den i wil finally accept one day its 2 late,
    And i waited 2 long and tried 2 control fate,
    No1 wants dat so wot im tryin 2 say,
    Is do wot u can 2 make da most of every day,
    Dont waste time wif greed hate or jealousy
    Coz wot u do now is wot creates ur memories..

    BOOO AT DAT ONE....i like


    Revisit ma old level one of lifes uva paces,
    But now all i can see is unfamiliar faces,
    Coz everytings different every where dat i go,
    No buildins i remember and no people dat i no,
    Da feelins gone wen da wind used 2 blow,
    On da roof tops of da garages and buildins,
    All da lost memories lost emotions and feelins,
    and it wil neva be da same
    and i got nobody 2 blame
    Coz fings juss changed deres nuffin i can do,
    People moved on and people changed to,

    Y do people keep doin dese tings 2 me,
    Da name dat dere makin is da name dat wil cling 2 me,
    Hatin me, everytime dey fink dey say,
    Everytime dey fink of me but dat aint me,
    Dese people r changin me,
    Dese people r breakin me apart and remakin me,
    Its juss not me....


    Some times i feel 2 juss giv up,
    Come so far juss 2 live up,
    2 a name dat means nuffin,
    Some1 gets on da mic and prosumes dat means summin,
    All of a sudden u fink dere guna like u beta,
    As if a different person 2 wen dey first met ya,
    All coz u sat down wif a pen and paper,
    Got a voice got a mic den did da rest later,
    Some times i ask maself y im doin dis,
    Get angry at maself and wonder y im losin it,
    Is it for da love or is it for da respect,
    Da mcs eva fink bout da people dey effect,
    Wen dey chat bout drugs and dey dont come correct,
    Ive gone deep deep down so resurrect....

    Tell me wot u all fink..........
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    You know, there are some MCs almost twice your age that could learn a thing or two from you.

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    Fank you!!

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    B triple O, that woz heavy blud, I like your style a lot.

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    That is very heavy bro !!

    I enjoyed reading that

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    Im well happy

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    i have one sort of word well i don't fink it's in the dictionary but hear it is :


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    How old r u lot dat ave replied so far?

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    jokes im 16

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    seen im 15.

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    ayo! i want youl ta know me/ as da nxt mest up m.c/
    ma nick name b nemsy/one of dee,z days ill b on dat t.v/ in ur kids ere,s on m.p.3/

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