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Thread: Post pics of your studio

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    Post pics of your studio

    Whether it be a tape recorder on your bedside table or a fully functioning studio with 8 screens and a huuuuge desk!

    Show us your stuff!!

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    here you go then, pics of my control and live room, there's an Otari MTR90 hidden behind the desk

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    Thrum Studios, North London

    Here's mine then!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails thrum 1.jpg  

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    If your band want to record and go on holidays to Seville (Spain). Analog gear(amek, studer, api, UA, thermionic, boiler...etc). Economy prices and lodging.

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    Well, i'd post a pic of mine but I don't think people are interested in a shoddy pc with wires hanging off it and a few dodgy guitar lying about the place. Where do all you guys get your money from?!

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    Aup hope alls well.

    i need some free studio time how do i get it?xxxxx

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The decor may not be the best, but the sounds that come are delivered from here are truly top notch.

    SafeandSound Mastering
    SafeandSound Mastering

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    Amazing, studio you have guys.I really impressed from your studio's. I think peoples have talent to show up to peoples what they are or what they think.

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    Wow. Niiiiice studios; how'd you guys get a set up like that?!

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    dame there some sick studio would anyone wont to sponsor Just Vibe Online Internet Radio In way of some dry and wet samples

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    I will once I get posting priv!!!!

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    Scene is very beautiful, I also went to the post.

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    lol amazing stuff!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    $$$$ my spare bedroom don't look like these studios!

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    Yeah, can't really top those studio pics! lol

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    tooo niiice !

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    Update of how we roll at the moment...

    SafeandSound Mastering

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