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    Music Competition

    Hey everyone,

    Just finished creating a new music competition website based on indie bands. No, it's not live yet, but was hoping you might take a look so we can get some useful feedback before it goes live.

    The idea is that anyone can upload their own music and then other people can listen to their music and decide whether or not the like it. The songs everyone like go to the top, and the others go to the bottom. The one on top at the end of the competition wins $20,000 and a record deal.

    Couple recommendations so far are:

    1) Allow bands to upload images with each song
    2) Allow for Genres of music instead of all in one large pile
    3) Create a facebook widget that allows peole to vote on the bands facebook page.

    So, as I said, this is not live yet, so please take that into consideration as it's not finished (but close!). You can take a look here:
    Username: groovewars
    PW: gr00ve (with 2 zeros instead of o's)

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    I have a number of questions regarding Groove Wars.

    First, how are the songs chosen to compete? One of my songs is entered, but this was done without my knowledge. In fact, I first discovered the site when I Googled my name. I would like to know who entered my song.

    Secondly, how long does the contest run? I've looked all over and cannot find the contest rules which state the usual things: the time frame of the contest, who may enter, and the usual list of disclaimers.

    Thirdly, is the $20,000 part of the "big recording contract" mentioned on the site? Or is that a separate prize? In other words, does the winner get that free and clear, or is it merely an advance against future royalities?

    And lastly, could you be more specific about the recording contract? Frankly, I've never heard of any act landing a deal soley on the basis of a single song. What I have heard of is an A & R person or producer insisting on meeting an artist and catching their live act before making an offer.

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    Actually, this is the version of your site that I first noticed:

    ("Groovewar." Singular, no S.)

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