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Thread: brit rock band ever?!?

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    Lets start with the ones they tried to be, The Who, Rolling Stones, Beatles.....Led Zep, Motorhead, the entire punk movement...could be here all day

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    i really like Oasis!

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    they're definetely an ace band, wouldn't go as far as saying the best british rock band ever though!

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    Right up there

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    First album was incredible, second album nearly as much but went down hill from there.

    Biggest British rock band for a while, definitely (maybe?), but not of all time.

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    Love them!

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    At least they picked the best bands to copy!

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    Yeah, for a while they were on top of the world x

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    Total $$$$e - dull, nonsensical lyrics - load of balls.

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    Hell yeah! Oasis and The Libertines inspired me to learn guitar.

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    No No No , they are derivative, unoriginal and quite frankly boring. Music - The Beatles did it first, sibling rivalry - The Kinks did it first and attitude - The Rolling Stones did it first...

    Not even close to being a great band

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    "Cigarettes and Alcohol" I enjoyed both

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    Surely it's the songwriting and lyrics not the technical ability that makes Oasis one of the, if not THE best British bands of all time.

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    Love Oasis

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    Not the best but one of them, mainly for lyrics I think.

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    Oasis were good but you cant put them over Led Zep, Queen, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, come on now....

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    This must be the oldest active thread in the UK! Defo not OASIS but who to nominate? Hmmmm.....

    I would say Radiohead somewhere between The Bends and OK Computer.
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    Oasis are definately up there with the best!

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    Wonderwall one song is enough to tell about their awesomeness :O!!! Love them1!!!

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