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Thread: brit rock band ever?!?

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    i agree with that. what does everyone think of the new song?

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    Not too impressed myself... there's another track that was put on iTunes quite early, Falling Down... a more thoughtful effort from Noel but blatant Tomorrow Never Knows drums!

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    I was REALLY into Oasis during the 90's, i think songs like "rock and roll star" and "whats the story" were great and still are! Oasis captured the youth of that time and i have some amazing memories myself looking back lol Something has gone a bit off though since........the lineup has changed so obviously the sound is going to evolve, Liam's voice has changed to the point where you cant understand what he's saying?? why did he change the way he sang? I dont really like the new song....has no catch and its all on one level. I still think they are a GOOD band but not great anymore, the band changed and so have the times. I think it would of been better from my point of view to start something fresh maybe? a new lineup and a new sound.

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    no they're not

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    did anyone see the video of noel being pushed on stage in canada??

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    What, this one?!

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    yea. why would someone do that lol??

    maybe he was a Jay-Z fan lol

    but thats terrible what happened to him. poor noel

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    poor noe such a mental guy who done it, can not understand this

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    I think 'The Police' will pip them for the number one position.

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    Oasis are probably the most overated band ever. Lots of thuggish attitude, very little originality as they famously and laughably rip off their betters.

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    No way, not a patch on the Beatles. First two albums were good but they turned into a British Bon Jovi after that.

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    IMHO the Beatles best brit rock band ever) but oasis takes second place

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    Definitely for me, although Stone Roses and The Jam are way up there.
    Without them British music would be so different today, hence why they are the main influences for my band, Violet Class.


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    yes definately

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    Anybody visited Rock4em and uploaded a video or voted? Seems like a good site but we need to get more metal on it. Can't remember link, just Google Rock4em and check it out.

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    not a massive fan of oasis, but they're defintiely one of the most successful english rock bands ever

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    Yes, absolutely!
    I <3 oasis

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    Oasis is Great...

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    one word. KNEBWORTH. what other band has achieved that. the dump all over other brit pop.

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    Alan Mgee couldnt even get near them at that gig!

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    i totally agree.............

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