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Thread: Acoustic acts wanted!!!

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    Acoustic acts wanted!!!

    Hi there,

    I am currently organizing an event being held in different locations across the country.

    The event requires a band to play outside a well known supermarket, branded with a well known soft drink. The event will run from 11 4 with 4 sets of 45mins being played. An events manager will be on hand to promote a competition and get customers involved.

    This is a great opportunity to get out into the local community and get some exposure!

    We are looking for bands to cover the areas below:

    17th Nov Tamworth
    17th Nov Pudsey
    17th Nov Edinburgh
    18th Nov Great Bridge
    18th Nov Sheffield
    18th Nov Livingston
    24th Nov Havant
    24th Nov Wigan
    24th Nov Grimsby
    25th Nov Eastleigh
    25th Nov Trafford
    25th Nov Boldon
    30th Nov Coventry
    30th Nov Derby
    1st Dec Milton Keynes
    1st Dec Queensferry
    1st Dec Patchway
    2nd Dec Watford
    2nd Dec Huyton
    2nd Dec Haydon

    Bands will be paid 200 a day with the opportunity to perform on more than one day. You will play a mixture of cover songs and your own, should you wish. All songs will need to be played acoustically.

    If this is of interest to you then please contact us here or call 01133947920 for more details.

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    Acoustic Acts

    I could do Watford, Currently have an album out called The Soul Hours,
    and touring can do covers as well.
    Check out for samples
    best wishes
    p.s can play acoustic also

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    I could do derby but am a soloist rather than a band. Would you still be interested?

    Lou Hughes

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