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Thread: The Techno Experiment Sat 24th Nov @ Jabez clegg Manchester

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    The Techno Experiment Sat 24th Nov @ Jabez clegg Manchester

    The Techno Experiment

    Saturday 24th November 2007

    @ Jabez Clegg,
    Portsmouth Street
    Manchester, M13 9GB

    9pm - 3am
    10 Members / NUS 12 Others

    The 24th November sees The Techno Experiment wade out even further into un-chartered waters with this historic showcase of new versus even newer - A chance to witness some of the most legendary artists the world has to offer alongside the most important fresh new talent from the UK. If you thought you'd heard it all, you haven't heard anything yet. Tonight we delve deepinto the world of innovation and discovery, presenting you with the futureof our musical movement. A fresh mish-mash of rhythm and sound for your frontal cortex. Grab your bags ladies; it doesn't come much fresher than this

    Main Room...

    BILLY NASTY & BEN LONG (8 Decks and 2 Mixers)

    Consistently polling high in the DJ Magazine Top 100, Billy Nasty is one ofthe most important driving forces in the seat of UK techno. His labels Tortured and Electrix are indeed legendary, but his recent focus towards frontline DJing and production has lead to explosive results throughout Europe in 2007. It's time for the more open minded DJ's of my generation to evolve, he insists. And for that reason, we've put him head-to-head with Ben Long, one half of the legendary outfit The Space DJz. As regular Experimenters will know, Ben is a wizard when it comes to insane deck manipulation. Grand-slam techno with needles everywhere. This will be furious.

    RIBBZ & ORIEL (The Techno Experiment)

    Ribbz is a club favourite with his uncompromising style of funk-driven electronics, which aims squarely for the centre of the floor. An undergroundlegend who takes great delight in converting people into the sound, he knowsexactly what to drop and when to drop it. As tonight focuses on fresh music,we place him back-to-back with co-founder of The Techno Experiment, Manchester's rising female superstar, Oriel. With such a wide range oftastes, Oriel's track selection is nothing short of breath-taking. Make sure you don't miss this.

    DISTEK & MUCKY BEATS (Fat Collective / The Techno Experiment)

    Distek and Mucky Beats and two of the most important driving forces in thenew Northern techno movement. Alongside other members of the FAT Collective,they are fast becoming the ones to watch in 2007. After almost eight years of studio hibernation Distek now releases on some the finest techno labels the UK has to offer including the incredible Unknown Forces imprint. He's now taking his Live PA all over the world. Mucky has emerged from the rave scene and as well as promoting some of the most underground nights in the north, is a co-founder of the Kick The Drum Recording label and has releasedmusic with artists such as Alex Calver. The key here will be the future and forward thinking.

    SIEGE & KITSON (North / U-Like)

    BEN WOLLARD (Mapt)

    Alternative Room...

    BILLY NASTY (Electro)

    A night of experimentation would not be complete without an electro set from Billy Nasty, so tonight we're giving you exactly that. Billy's sophisticated recent single with Gregor Tresher, 'The Mad Real World', was Electro Single of the Month in Mixmag, referred to as the future of electro.

    ONLY (Live)

    Only is an exciting new UK producer. One of his first tracks Flank appeared as Demo of the Month on Ben Sims and Chris Finke Split RadioShow. He has also released on Locked records.

    DARKON SYSTEMIC & D JACQUES (Exclusive Live P.A.)

    COMPUTER CONTROLLED DJ & TIPTOE (Sequence/ The Techno Experiment)


    $$$$ STEP (Trauma)

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    The Techno Experiment

    Pre Party

    Sat Nov 24th

    @ The Scu Bar , 136 York Street, Manchester, M1 7XN

    5pm till 9pm

    Focus & Rossco
    Rob H

    What better way to start your night out of techno in manchester then this!

    See you there !

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