I'am Arto Nieminen and here's my new worldsucces novel


Every christmas the family got together in the mansion spending the christmas time.
They ate christmas dinner around the table in the large hall, plates kling and humble of the talk filled the hall when they told what was happened to them during the year. They lived away from home allready, but in christmas time they returned in there spending few peacefull days and joining themselves.
Dinner was continueing and they moved to another course. It was christmaseve and all the time they glanced at presents those were piled in the big stack on front of the huge fireplace where fire was burning on long logs.
Before they started to share presents father allways told them a story. It was different every christmas and changed a little bit year after year when children grow. Now they were young adults allready and they allways were hurry.
Only Sheila, the oldest of them liven in mansion anymore. Her fionce was in frontlines and she still waited him. The others Paul, Marty, Sarah and Maureen lived away part of the year joining their lives unmarried, indepentend on their ways. Only John, the middle of them was missing. It was war and he was in the frontlines where battles were racing violent and it was not knowlige when he would return to holiday.
Night started to darkened allready outside in the park when father ended the dinner by saying
"Now listen carefully!"
"The one of you, who will give a birth to a first child will got the whole property"
It frightened them, raised fear. They stared eachother not believing what they had heard. They beg and ask but father didn't change his mind. It would be happening allready in next christmas they realized terrified. Then allready would be known who got the property. Again and again they beg and ask but father kept his decision. But they were still so helplesly young...
"For that has been builded a cottage in to the park so married couples can go in there spending their wedding night."
Discussion ended to that. Little by little they moved to the front of the huge fireplace in the light of the flames, sharing their presents.
Then race started.
There wasn't no more than a week left to the new year, but when it came was two of them, Paul and Marty allready got married and weddings had been spend.
From somewhere raise a rumour then telling Sheila had slept with a married man and it could'nt kept secrect anymore. Sheila had to left out of the land then and later she gave up the competition. In first days of the new year Sarah and Maureen
also both found fionces to themselves and weddings were spend in the mansion.
So the race was continueing equally matched.
February and March went away nervously waiting John and Derek to come home but they did'nt arrive.
April came and the first marks of the pregnencies started to be seen in all of them four women and the self-confidence started shine out of them.
Of Sarah and his husband Erik, of Maureen and Edgar, Paul and Laura and Marty and his wife Minna. They all thought that they will be those who got the first child and the property, allthought the winner candinate changed all the time.
Then June came hectic and John came back from the war. He bring with him a young beautiful woman named Mary and that was when The John of the Mansion got married.
They spend in the chapel and when the night came they went in to the cottage spending their wedding night.
It was new then and smelled fresh logs.
People felt for them. They were allready helplesly late but when morning came, hundreds of people has got together in there park hurraying and giving applauses when they step out of the cottage on to the porch smiling happy.
Slowly they walked in to the park and people followed them and servants carried food on to the tables on the grass. We spend party in that day in there summer park for their glory. We sat down on to the grass and ate and drink and John and Mary were in there with us. After we had ate people insist John to keep a speak. They hurray and yell until John agree and sat then down. They stood up there in middle of us and John was handsome and Mary oh my god but that woman was beautiful! Kind of a beauty by her nature to whom was to be delighted immeadiatly from first look and couldnt stop stearing at anymore.
John speak with loud voice that they loved each other and they hope their first child was to be born in it's own time, when it feels right to come to this world. There were hurraying and yelling. Men who were fight with John in the same company were asking if they could use the cottage also in their wedding night.
People quiet down. There were lot of wedding quests but John was stearing at them ernest and laughed and promised that anyone who want can use the cottage in their wedding night. Let it be named Lovers Cot from this moment!
And all the first born childs! Mary spoked, who will born nine months from that night will got their land to their own as a borning present!
People humble and then stood up. Then they started to yell wildly and throw their hats.
That was madnes allready! You see in that time most of the working people lived in rentfarms. They were lands owned by Mansion. They allways had been.
After that the rush in there was so great that there was'nt nights allmost enough. People got married in record speed. All got married, everyone wanted to go in there spending their wedding night. It was POPULAR, spend a wedding night in there. People were sitting in the park tens of them otherwise also and in weekends they spend party's in there. We went also in there when our time came,
Helja and I. It was a beautiful summer. Erkki was born...
Oh I still cant talk about those people...

In the night
Young and sweet
people dancing in the street
It's a time harvest fest
no one's having got the rest

In the night young and sweet
people arquing between
who's the best who's to win
who's this summers harvester

I said no I let you
I said no I let you
I said no I let you
no I let you
Take my hand and come with me!

I said no I let you
I said no I let you
I said no I let you
no I let you

In the night young and sweet
people dancing by the trees
it's a time harvesting
and the gorgeaus cathering

In the night rose and vine
Battle continues between
who's the best, who's to win
who's tonight is beaty queen

And I'am standing in shadows and frightening the light
Leafs of trees are hiding to me be insight.


You understand. People lived like in the last day.
Party's were spend every weekend. John and Mary were in there also.
Drunk's hurt eatch other and who to whom. People owned more and more allready beforehand. It made them crazy.
I didn't went in there anymore.
I only watched from hide what was going on in there.
Huge fire's burned in the park and people danced around them.
In the middle of those hellish party's Mary gave a birth to a bloody litlle weakling who died soon after it was born. But she raised that weakling in the
air marking her victory and yelled she had had the first child and people joined to that yell and they yelled and yelled, it was like a born of some monster.
It was august then.
Other women were still waiting pregnant their babys to be born.
It was monsterous.
Then rain started to falling down and all the party's were ended.
Autumn came and went. Women gave a birth to their whealthy baby's but...
October came and November went by and again it was christmas.
They sat in the mansion's large hall around the long table eating and drinking.
John was in the other end of the table and Mary in the other end and all the others in middle on their own places. After they had ate they moved on the front of the huge fireplace sharing their presents. "To Mary" Someone said giving the first present to her. Mary took it and opened it. It was a boxfull of tails, father allways told them in christmas time. On top of them was that tail which was saying the one who give a birth to a first child will got the whole property.

All rights reserved
Arto Nieminen