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Thread: Nationwide experiment to get a Rock/Indie Band signed!!

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    Nationwide experiment to get a Rock/Indie Band signed!!


    Let me introduce myself, My nameís Mike Turner and I am a general music fan and have been studying how bands get signed.

    Iíve seen loads of unsigned bands who are great and have what it takes to get signed. What I keep on seeing is that these bands try and desperately want to get signed but get disillusioned with the whole thing and give up. I have recently witnessed a rock/Indie band play who are great musically and great on stage. I donít want to see the same thing happen to this band so I have set myself the task of creating a nationwide experiment to get a Rock Band signed and I need your help!

    First of all how do we get a band signed? Itís simple, the band needs to get the attention of the record labels and show those record labels that people like their tracks. Well, itís simple in theory but to get this to happen a band needs to get a loyal fan base, go gigging, get the press interested, do PR stunts, and get the music lovers attention before the record labels become interested.

    I am working with the band to do all the above but I need your help!

    Please will you help me with my nationwide experiment to get this band signed? Imagine how cool it would be to think that you had a part to play in getting a band signed! If you are interested in helping all you need to do to help in this nationwide experiment is:

    1. Visit the bandís profile on Myspace (
    2. Listen to a few of their songs

    3. Then please answer the following questions for me and send them to my email address (

    - Pretend that you havenít already downloaded the music, if Juneís music was for sale would you buy it?
    - If your answer was no to the above question, why would you not buy the music?
    - What other bands are you into?
    - What other current bands do you think sound similar?
    - Which music magazines do you read (if any)?
    - Which music websites do you visit?
    - What category of music would you put ĎJuneí under?
    - If Juneís music was being advertised where would you expect to see it advertised? I.e. websites, magazines, radio, etc.
    - What's your age?
    - What county do you live in?

    4. Please email all of your friends and ask them to do the same.

    Thank you for your help and I hope you enjoy their music. Watch this space!


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