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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    Mallory knox and Anti Vigilante

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    Anybody visited Rock4em and uploaded a video or voted? Seems like a good site but we need to get more metal on it. Can't remember link, just Google Rock4em and check it out.

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    Hi All,

    I found a killer album by this Irish folk rock band called The Ploughmans Lunch. More mellow than flogging molly but still pretty rockin'. I can't post a link but I found it on iTunes. Hope you all like it.

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    have you heard about these guys - grungy punk band!

    cable35 * * *

    i just found this yesterday.. they're awesome!!

    www . cable35 . co

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    gren bartley if you like guitar

    aeroplane dope for grindin

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    Hail Animator from Leeds are bloody good

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    Check this new swedish stoner rock band i found...

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    Ursa Major - UK SOUTH ALT METAL. Have a browse

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    would definitely recommend THE GRAND SCHEME, still only new to the scene but these boys kick it on stage! Awesome riffs and raw vocals! love it! definitely a band to watch for 2012

    check them out at

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    u must chk out THE CHAGRINS just cnt stop their awesome indie pop music in my head

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    Stumbled on these guys on Reverbnation recently, they live near me, pretty good sound-bit different!
    I can't post the link as I'm new to the site but they're called The Nightbirds, a Brighton band-as I say a pretty good sound, might be worth checking them out


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    Oh, found them on Facebook!

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    cool gonna give it a listen

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    here is my recommendation, the one and only, JamDoggz. they are every thing i was looking for young,fresh,hip and last but my god not least the lyrical aphrodisiac for the college girls lol

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    yo dude that avatar is hella ill cuzz u need to send me a link to find em..... also dude plz ask your friends to check out triple w dot youtube dot com slash jamdoggz and share tha vybe, trillz. .... yo that avatar off tha chain cuzz i just had to say it again

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    You should check out Members Only, they are a young American Band with a debut EP titled "Talk To Me" on March 25th. You can listen at membersonly.bandcamp. com. Hope you like it!

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    hi new band white powder gold

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    New Video Featuring Drew Bakes ...Watch/Comment/Share #TeamYB #ACLUB #LOVE

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    There is an indie band called Russian Red which is very good!

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