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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    Jul 2012
    Also Erb n Heroes, a drum n bass/indie mash up featuring members of Underground Heroes

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    Jul 2012
    Oh Zulu Winter, check them out too, cool band.

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    Nice band

    tooooooooo bad

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    A couple of bands that I'm into right now:

    The Manic Shine


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    Aug 2012
    I have recently got into The Harkes, a great new band from the south coast. There's a great 2 minute video on them on Vimeo. com - just search for 48008565 which is the page number and takes you straight to the video (sorry, didn't have enough posts to post the direct link . . unless some kind soul wants to do it for me) :-)

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    Sep 2012
    The band The Bellmen are totally sweet.

    this is thier Balcony tv

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    Sep 2012
    Gordon Rive

    Atmospheric and moving music, he has a tumblr and soundcloud.

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    Sep 2012
    Underground hard rock/metal band 'wings of pegasus' just released their first single. Dave Berry tweeted about them a few days ago, the video is raw, done in Piccadilly Circus! Search them on youtube, I wana play the solo ha!

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    Foxy Shazam are a brilliant band. Mental in a glorious way.

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    Oct 2012
    Supersounds. Unique band, saw them live in brick lane around 2009. Great stuff!! Google supersoundsband or "tale of a tail" - video

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    Oct 2012
    Check out Soley Mourning. They're a hard rock band with a funky edge. They've supported Magnum on their european tour plus played alongside other bands like Voodoo Six and Bonafide.

    They're my favourite local band and they always put on a top notch live performance.

    It won't let me post links yet but please type them into youtube or reverbnation!

    soleymourning .com
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    has anyone heard of the bloogs? they are an indie pop band who remind me of the police and the pretenders. also, if your into your more psychedelic rock, caviare days are definitely one to look out for

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    The Ramshots from Norway

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    Nov 2012
    Definitely check out GODSTICKS who have a new album coming out soon and a new video on Youtube now..
    Great stuff!
    I also like the band 'ME', caught one of their videos recently..and they are big Zep fans!

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    Back To November- folk pop band

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    Seeds of Soul- Jazz soul band

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    The Oceans Above

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    Rockets (uk)

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    Cielo- Hip pop band

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    Eagles And Slayer

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