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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    Feb 2010

    The new Radiohead and REM..all in one! The Pressure Room

    Saw these guys last week live in London. The most amazing voice and frontman I've seen in ages. You have to hear this!

    The Pressure Room (dotcom, facebook, myspace, lastfm)

    'Already the best band of 2010 by a country mile' Johan Ruijsink

    'Band of the future. Now!' -Dan Barrow

    Featured on a 'Marc Mulcahy' tribute album alongside Michael Stipe and Thom Yorke

    Download their free EP here

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    check out my band if you get a chance!

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    Mar 2010

    i saw quite a good band on thursday

    i saw this band at kings cross on on thursday in the Water Rats, check them out on myspace,

    pretty badass live show

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    Fungal - Check this out!!

    Hi there, just to introduce myself - I'm Lloyd guitarist in Fungal

    I am here to do some shameless self promotion for Fungal

    We have just released an EP entitled Infection which you can check out at or alternatively you can go to uberphonic records

    We are from Bristol UK, currently getting a live band together to hit the road and recording another EP

    Please post your opinions both positive and negative as i am a great believer in criticism and keep in touch!

    Hope you enjoy

    P.S. We have a facebook group click here or search Fungal


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    Larusso are pretty good uk based band they toured with fightstar last april!!

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    Feb 2010
    Hi Lloyd , like your music, nothing like shameless promotion its the best kind :-)

    Had a listen to a few samples, chilled me right out!!!! Loves it

    Do you ever venture further South around Exeter ara?

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    Mar 2010
    just thought that this site might be of some use to you

    i would greatly appreciate it if you signed up and made some comments on the forums ect$
    or anything you think is missing from the sites or articles$
    would be great its free$
    and helpfull

    new community for the live music industry - FTTS - everything you wanted to know about gigging but didn't know who to ask.


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    i saw these guys in London the other night! awesome!!
    check em out!!

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    "Future Corpses" From Russia

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    Check out Three Days Grace. They released their third album Life Starts Now a few months ago and it's amazing. So far they've released the singles Break and The Good Life from the new album

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    Have you heard Larry Miller?

    He is going down a storm right now, he released a couple of albums off of his own back a couple of years ago, but is now under professional management, and is starting to get noticed. He is about to release a new album, and is currently offering some tunes for free download on his reverb nation page.

    Larry Millers Reverb Nation page
    Larry Miller's official site

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Check out Yo La Tengo. That's a long example song but totally worth the time. They're an awesome indie rock band that cover a ton of different styles (ambient instrumentals, upbeat pop songs and ten minute guitar freakouts all in one album is pretty standard for them).

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    The Audition

    They have new album out aswell (Great Danger) ...

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    Thanks, Danny.
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    What does everyone think?

    Thanks, Danny.
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    One of my favs, P.I.Light! Alternative, industrial, nu metal with an awesome frontwoman.

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    This Is Seb Clarke

    Tommy Turbo + The Turbervilles

    Kill It Kid

    4 Square

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    For any fans of bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach check us out on:!/pages/SKi...1147225?ref=ts

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    We Die Tonight, the London based 4-piece Screamo/hardcore bands Debut EP 'Fall From Grace' is out now on iTunes.

    Give it a listen and buy it if you like it, and come down to the EP release party at The Earl of Camden (NW1 7PN) on Tuesday 27/4/2010.

    If you like A DAY TO REMEMBER or UNDEROATH you'll love this.

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

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    The Pressure Room

    Live @ The Underbelly, Hoxton Sq Wed5May 20.30 where they'll give away their debut album 'Wide Of The Mark'

    They feature on a Marc Mulcahy tribute album alongside Thom Yorke, Michael Stipe, Frank Black among others

    'Muse but with soul'
    'Already the best new band of 2010 by a country mile'

    You can download their free EP here:

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