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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    I will recommend my band

    We need a manager a promoter or someone that can get us cheap gear and a van.

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    loving pendulum at the moment! plus love their new free online game very addictive

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    Broadcast 2000 & SJ Esau!

    Both "Quality" acts.

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    ghosts of progress

    I recommend the ghosts of progress. A $$$$ hot two piece band from montrose in Scotland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicfan8883
    I would recommend Everything At Once. it's a band from Canada that I found on myspace.

    check it out

    another good band from Canada is City and Colour!


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    Hot Melts

    I currently love the Hot Melts. They have done a cover of Elvis’ ‘Love Me Tender’. Check it out:

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    hot melts???? never heard of it before..whats the genre?

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    i recommend Pendulum, Midnight Juggernauts and a new band from Australia called Fractions -

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    What do You think about this
    searching for calm going to play gigs in UK very soon

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    We need your help - Darke Horse Flat Screen Suicide OUT NOW!!!

    This is an unashamed plug for my band, Darke Horse!

    We’re an unsigned British rock band and we’re independently releasing a single, Flat Screen Suicide, this Monday (2nd March). As well as getting a name for ourselves, we’d love to show that you don’t need to sell your soul to a big company to get into the charts. So we’re looking for all the support we can get!

    Have a listen or watch the video at:

    If you like it, buy it from iTunes for the bargainous price of 79p!

    Or if you don’t fancy parting with nigh-on three quarters of a quid, we at least hope you like the track and tell your friends…

    All support much appreciated!

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    One's a stubbly Fifer, and One's a gangly hippy,
    One's a cheeky ginger, and One's incredibly skinny,
    Bound by the tracks, but entirely off the rails,
    A congregation of merry old souls, hot on tyranny's tails,
    So dawn yer revolutionary melody,
    And mar the unjust air,
    The railways they are a-comin,
    so I think you'd better beware!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilios
    i would recommend pull tiger tail, cold war kids- the lead singer has got such a unique voice- and an australian band called starky, really good atmospheric indie.
    She may not be a close connection to what your listening to but I would recommend Adrina Thorpe. She is not that well known yet but she has a really great style. I've been listening to her off and on all week and she really has some good music going on.

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    hey, I think that you should check out:
    theyre good, check em.

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    Chapter One

    The newest boyband to hit the UK - Chapter One.

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    How about White Light Parade?
    Their new track Rebellion Call feat. Itch from The King Blues is awesome, or This Is Radio Freedom, which is a bit more rock electro but theyre really good as well...Im kinda bored with the same 20 bands which are all over right now so always looking for good new music; tell me what you think of my choices !

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    [B]Ok Im reccomending something a bit heavier, anyone remember InMe?

    Well theyre back haha,and its not so bad, I like the new song, check it out!

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    I recommend a band called humanlab.

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    You should listen to a band called Agent Fresco from Iceland!
    They got 4 K's in Kerrang magazine for their debut, "Lightbulb Universe", and 5 K's for their live show at the Iceland Airwaves music festival.

    Agent Fresco has also won a lot of awards including "best newcomer" at the Icelandic Music Awards and they won the icelandic Battle of the bands.

    Agent Fresco

    Check it out!

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    Thank you for this thread. I'm going through it at the moment to find new bands to add to my unsigned bands page.

    One I would like to recomend from their is:
    Created From Silence

    If you wanna be added drop me an email:

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    "SPARKS" EP The Wookies ---OUT TODAY 7 Sept 2009

    SOLD OUT on release date TODAY! . but will be back in stock tomorrow(ignore message on HMV website) demand was way in front of expectations.They are on fire
    Great live band fron Reading/Newbury and definitely on the up . Great tracks "Doomsday" and "daylight".October tour being put in place and are a must to see before they move on up.
    Unusual line up with lead singer drummer and best bass and lead guitarists in the market

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