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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    very good indeed.

    equally as good.

    ah the wonders of myspace.many good bands.

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    Wicked, Diverse band!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus
    You must check these guys out, they are really very good. Good lyrics, good tunes, I can hear a lot of influences in there (all are artists that I really like) which is why I think I dig it so much..... Radiohead, Prince, Nirvana, Gorillaz, The Beatles. Apparently they are going to be supporting a really big band on their tour but no details have been posted yet.


    THANKS Maxiums for reccommending me The Pangs, I checked 'em out and are lovin' their sound! That Goldenshake tune is ace!!! Does anyone know if their doing any gigs soon?

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    Good Bands

    I will recommend pull tiger tail, cold war kids- the lead singer has got such a unique voice. My rating for other band is (Star rating 5)

    The Longcut * * * *

    Ripchord * * *

    The Fray * *

    Milburn * * *
    Rock and Techno Music Aficionado

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    These guys played SxSW and were quite good... check them out:

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    You should take a listen to a band from Glasgow Airspiel and also The Rise from Dundee. They are both really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC001
    THE ORANGE LIGHTS have an epic sound, and an album’s worth of big songs with uplifting lyrics. The themes are universal: loss and redemption, clutching hope out of the jaws of desolation and despair - like Spiritualized, The Verve and many great 60’s/ early 70’s soul records. The sound is atmospheric and cinematic like Doves, U2 and Radiohead topped off with loads of personality and the solid gold voice of frontman Jason Hart. The Orange Lights blend their influences – old soul, Brian Eno, Stone Roses, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Drake, U2, Radiohead, Ulrich Schnauss and A Reminiscent Drive – into perfect pop songs. As several observers have noted: “It’s the record Richard Ashcroft should have made after The Verve's Urban Hymns.”

    THE ORANGE LIGHTS are what happens when you put two of British pop’s best-loved bands together. Vocalist Jason Hart formerly plied his guitar talents in Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized, and you can hear the influence in the The Orange Lights’ wall of sound. Co-creator of the band is keyboard player and songwriter Paul Tucker – who was one-half of Nineties soul sensations the Lighthouse Family. On paper, they seem mismatched. On record, a marriage made in heaven.
    Some forthcoming Orange Lights tour dates for you!

    06.07: Brighton Barfly
    07.07: Cardiff Barfly
    09.07: Birmingham Barfly
    10.07: Glasgow Barfly
    11.07: York Fibbers
    12.07: Liverpool Barfly
    13.07: London Barfly

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    Check Out This New Band. Feedback Welcomed

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    I just saw a band called the Suzukis and they put on a killer live show. Great new band!

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    The Magz

    Check out a band called The Magz, if you like Indie Punk sorta stuff...

    They play round London and their gigs are always amazing!!!

    tell me what you think!

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    If you're looking for some good new bands why not check out this little lot! All very interesting indie bands. Head over to the myspace pages and listen to a few of their songs!

    'Don't Cry Michael' by Silverall (

    'Sleep Deprivation' by The Servant (

    'Essex County Line' by Device (

    'Modern Man' by Madding Crowd (

    Anyone heard of any of these bands before?

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    another unknown good band

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    Tired of crap bands

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    Pigeon Detectives

    The Pigeon detectives put out quite a sweet sound...worth a peek

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    rilo kiley

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    Madding Crowd are doing it for me at the moment

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    Here are some ultra creative Canadian bands I'm fond of:

    Mannequins Breathe - abstract sci-fi lyrics, quirky art pop
    The Unicorns - sadly they broke up recently
    Crystal Castles - innovative 8-bit trash band (formed by accident?)

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    What about shocking pinks??

    They've signed to DFA Records (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem etc) and are offering a free MP3 if you sign up to their mailing list at the mo (not available on their myspace!), just click this link….

    Worth a go!

    haven't seen him live yet but should be interesting, what you think?

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    Aaah I thought they he was okay but at moment I prefer No Machine. Just been listening to a few tracks from their forthcoming album 'A Terrible Thing'! Found them on the internet and never looked back. Tour coming up in October as well!

    I heard the artwork is done by Mark Wilkinson who used to work on Judge Dredd comics?

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    email me at to get an independent review on the Lyric Lounge Review

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