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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    Jan 2007
    best new band I've heard-
    seriously think all of you will love them, melodic+ heavy alt rock
    but also the zico chain and mcqueen are good

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    Check out Brides in Bloom, I like the voice. Free EP for download -

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    Hi !!

    Just one link :


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    Not new but if you live in the UK you will not have heard of them.
    Outside the UK they are one of the best girl bands in the World.

    Up to you really, here's the link: -

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    Well I might as well join in the plugging of my fave local band, Coldplay meets the Smiths

    Cohesion MySpace

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    Lush Progress good band. give em a listen!

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    Check out KINKY RETRO

    great band, soon available for download at itunes.

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    And then check out this myspace:

    Theres an unsigned Indie/Pop Rock Manchester Band thats poppin up about (channel M, great northern, Venues:Academy 3, Underground in Southport...) Songs, Presence, Vibes & overall SOUND is Class!!

    Let Me know if you like or that i need my ears testin.. Music forum afterall!!

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    I've been quite getting into the Noisettes past few weeks - they've got an album out already so not unsigned, but on the cusp of fame. They're playing this summer's Manchester International Festival as one of the "Unknown Pleasures" bands and you'll definitely have heard of them by this time next year I bet:

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    Kinky Retro

    Hey people,

    Well, I would like you to check out this band.
    They will really rock !

    check them out and if you have a myspaceaccount...leave a message!


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    Oh yeah I might have raved about this song before here but I can't remember - anyway this has been tickling my funny bone past couple of weeks, and it's so catchy I can't get it out of my head:

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    Drug Dealer Cheerleader

    i've been following this lot lately their stuffs really good check - out their tunes on myspace they've got a new single out on the 7th of May called "X E Cute my X"

    hailing from Camden this is where they live, gigged and probably where most their inspiration is from aswell

    check out their cheerleaders aswell!! fit or what!

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    Check this out!!!!

    These guys are gonna be massive, trust me. Best thing I've heard for a while. pangs
    Bit of rock, bit of soul, bit of electronica, bit of funk!

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    Drug Dealer Cheerleaders single "X E Cute My X" was just released today! go cop that lol!!;-1&sku=643782
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    The Orange Lights

    THE ORANGE LIGHTS have an epic sound, and an album’s worth of big songs with uplifting lyrics. The themes are universal: loss and redemption, clutching hope out of the jaws of desolation and despair - like Spiritualized, The Verve and many great 60’s/ early 70’s soul records. The sound is atmospheric and cinematic like Doves, U2 and Radiohead topped off with loads of personality and the solid gold voice of frontman Jason Hart. The Orange Lights blend their influences – old soul, Brian Eno, Stone Roses, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Drake, U2, Radiohead, Ulrich Schnauss and A Reminiscent Drive – into perfect pop songs. As several observers have noted: “It’s the record Richard Ashcroft should have made after The Verve's Urban Hymns.”

    THE ORANGE LIGHTS are what happens when you put two of British pop’s best-loved bands together. Vocalist Jason Hart formerly plied his guitar talents in Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized, and you can hear the influence in the The Orange Lights’ wall of sound. Co-creator of the band is keyboard player and songwriter Paul Tucker – who was one-half of Nineties soul sensations the Lighthouse Family. On paper, they seem mismatched. On record, a marriage made in heaven.

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    I can't stress this enough!!!!

    You must check these guys out, they are really very good. Good lyrics, good tunes, I can hear a lot of influences in there (all are artists that I really like) which is why I think I dig it so much..... Radiohead, Prince, Nirvana, Gorillaz, The Beatles. Apparently they are going to be supporting a really big band on their tour but no details have been posted yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_
    Check out Seagull Strange. They are giving away a track at the moment:
    I looked them up after hearing good things about them from some friends that saw them at a festival in Bristol.
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    Hey Following on from your original post Chris. I saw em play in Brighton at The Great Escape they were awesome but also they gave away free beer at the start of the gig. Alright!!! Found the video on the MYSPACE

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