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Thread: new bands to recommend?

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    Apr 2010
    Just discovered Kissing Kalina really good stuff check them out
    Also, this band are well impressive live; female fronted power duo called Dana Jade.
    Great tunes!

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    Apr 2010

    Robert Sutton

    you can download some of his muisic for free off the website.. great unplugged tracks!

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    check out this
    its not so good quality but....

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    newbie here

    Hi I'm Richard!

    New to this forum, I'm nuts about music!

    Looking forward to sharing some tips with you
    Mp3 Search Engine

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    The Kranx

    Check out The Kranx @
    Also on facebook.
    They are an amazing young band from milton keynes and are very good live.
    Contact them at

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    Jun 2010

    The Kranx

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    The Bridgeheads

    Check out North London based Slovakian 3 piece, The Bridgeheads. they have a double sided single called 'Best Ones / Pi' out on 9 August.

    For more info and to see their videos go to:

    THE BRIDGEHEADS - Official website - Scrapbook

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    Terry Emm- pastoral melancholic folk with english sensibilities, think Nick Drake, Clifford T Ward, Mark Kozelek- same first name as me too which always gives greater points-

    Goodluck Jonathon- fresh faced math-Rock N Roll with driving rhythms and infectious melodies, think Foals, Arctic Monkeys... -

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    I reccomend, 2 door cinema club!

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    Musee Mecanique- beautiful songs, good lyrics
    Sleepy Sun- glad to see some modern bands trying to revive the '60s psychedelic rock

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    If you like there are pretty regular reviews of music here on

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilios View Post
    i would recommend pull tiger tail, cold war kids- the lead singer has got such a unique voice- and an australian band called starky, really good atmospheric indie.
    dont forget awesome singer xx

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    i heard about this band in my home town a few days ago watching new videos on youtube. they seem fairly new. they sound good check them out! can anyone tell me any more info on them?


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    A few month ago i was in Vienna for a vacation and there I came across the band "The Bionic Babies"! really liked them!

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    I must recommend Foals to you a band with two brilliant albums behind them and a class live act!
    Need any more be said!
    Main track to check out
    This Orient
    Olympics Airways
    Red Socks Pugie

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    Lee Crossley

    New artist rather than a band- debut single "I Found You" out this week. Currently #3 on the Amazon Rock chart. Doing really well and geting great results, definately worth keeping an eye on.

    Heard a few tracks from him when i've seen him around Carlisle and theres some great stuff on the way.

    I Found You: Lee Crossley: MP3 Downloads

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    try Stunningly beautiful and great music too...

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    Check out Hell To Pay from Manchester! Tunes from the first EP are up on Hell To pay on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

    We've got a music video online as well at

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