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Thread: Need song titles!

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    Need song titles!

    Theres 2 songs that I've recently been thinking about that I really want to get but I can't remember the names:

    Song 1: All I know is the line "It's just waiting for you" and in the video a guy buys a pair of binoculars from a gypsy selling junk outside in the snow and in the end of the video bout 4 people are dancing in a room with 60's like wallpaper. It was played on music channels about 5 years ago.

    Song 2: If anyone can help me with this i'll be amazed!
    About 6-8yrs ago with Golden Grahams cereal were freebie cd's with bout 4 tracks on and most were disney songs. The song I want is an instrumental song thats starts of with just 1 instrument and bout 4 mins later builds up to a whole orchestra. There's no singing at all.

    Once i get these songs back i'm not letting go!
    Thanks 4 Reading

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    Song 1: Love Will Come Through by Travis
    Song 2: not sure, but might be one of the tunes from Fantasia, perhaps. It's an animated movie without dialogue accompanied by instrumental music.

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    Regarding your second request: could you supply any further information about the piece, such as what the solo instrument playing the first part is, and give me an idea of the melody or, at least, the tempo and rhythm?

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    Not sure man, try singing them into a pandora phone app for Apple Iphone.

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    love is life

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    love is life!

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    number two is a tricky one

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    1 clouds taste metallic
    2 no idea

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    too vaugue....

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