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Thread: Desperately need the title of a song please

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    Desperately need the title of a song please

    Hello! I'm desperately trying to find the title of a song which I listened over a local radio station 2 months ago... I tried to recall some words but they completely slipped out of my mind... It's a pop/rock song with a "mean" sound (absolutely not heavy metal, just hard sounding pop/rock) the singer is female and I guess she is kinda famous (maybe the song is too!) judging by the many times it's been aired on the radio.... althought I don't remember the exact words, the main theme of the song is like "I'm gonna never be late, I'm gonna never be too tired, I'm gonna never (some other words i completely forgot)", this part is sung with a mean electric guitar, hard-rock style, and it is repeated many times troughout the song. The female singer has a great voice too! I will give my eternal gratitude to whoever will be able to help me please!

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    have you tried googleing the part of the lyrics?

    thats helped me before =]

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