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Thread: DJ SLACKEN - Thailand's Top 10 DJ (listen)

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    DJ SLACKEN - Thailand's Top 10 DJ (listen)

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    DJ Slacken is a Bangkok (Thailand) based Trance, Techno and Progressive House club DJ. He started DJing in the year 1989 and now eventually he is one of the most outstanding icon of the Trance & Techno music scene in Bangkok (Thailand). In a territory dominated with mainstream club music, it was very hard for young DJ Slacken to breakthrough as a DJ playing Trance (and especially Techno) music which still remains a minority in Bangkok / Thailand's clubbing scene. But through the years, that simple individuality in musical taste and presentation made him standout from the rest of other local DJs in Thailand which rewarded DJ Slacken with interests from various International DJ agencies, Clubs, Promoters and additional supports from leading DJs / Record Labels. After all these acquirements, DJ Slacken continues to organize his yearly 'WAKE UP' parties which obviously features the man himself together with other local Trance & Techno DJs in Thailand.

    At this very moment, DJ Slacken deserves a significant level of recognition for the current ascend of Bangkok / Thailand's Trance and Techno music scene. At many venues, he was the first DJ to introduce a Trance & Techno party night there and not only that was a breakthrough of a new direction of music to the place, it was always an exposition to the audience how competent Trance & Techno music can be. DJ Slacken was always associated with Trance & Techno music since 1989, when he started his DJ career playing at small underground parties until towards the mid-1990s where his face actively became familiar to partygoers both as a clubber and the DJ that was different both in appearance and musical interpretation. After the year 2000, DJ Slacken started receiving his long awaited testimonials from the media and leaders in the local clubbing scene as a DJ that risked his nights by playing a non-mainstream genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). He was lucky enough to hold a few residency and multiple Guest DJ spots around the Nation. Soon later was the origin of his yearly Trance & Techno event called 'WAKE UP' which was billed as Thailand's First Techno night and presently has become Thailand's Trance & Techno Local DJ event that no longer captivates attention from people within Thailand but those abroad as well.

    DJ Slacken has done it all. He has played at the leading venues in Thailand. He is the founder of Thailand's 'WAKE UP' event. And evidently, today he is no longer an unknown DJ and has become one of the most well-known DJ in Thailand. Looking back in the 1980s when he first started DJing, DJ Slacken has manifestly acquired countless payoffs after those long days, months and years of hard works.

    DJ Slacken continues to Guest DJ at both old & new areas entertaining numerous delighted partygoers until now. He is not the best DJ. He is not special. DJ Slacken is a unique DJ that has won the supports of many simply because he enjoys what he does and positively that's what DJ Slacken is all about.
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