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    Daddy Fresh Music

    Daddy Fresh Music




    Did you know that 75% of all singles sold in the UK were downloads? Or that 7% of all single sales were to mobile phones? And these figures are set to grow quickly – the British Phonograph Institute reported in April 2006 that download sales in the first quarter of the year were 152% up on the same period in the year before.

    Of course, there is still a declining demand for CD’s, and there will always be vinyl. But digital sales are on course to be the Big Daddy – a fact confirmed recently when Gnarls Barkley topped the UK chart on download sales alone.

    And it’s not just in dance music where downloads are critical. Bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz have achieved prominence by surfing the digital revolution which - in the UK - has produced the most advanced digital music market in Europe.

    Consequently, Record Companies these days look first at Artists who have already established an online sales presence. You could say that it is the new version of having a live gig fanbase.

    Daddy Fresh Music exists to get your music to the digital market quickly, cheaply and without fuss. We don’t just put your music online like MySpace or I-Tunes and leave it hanging there. We market and promote our Artists like any Record Company. After all, they have all been approved by our A&R department.

    So we are all the previous departments of the Music Industry rolled into one – record company, record shop, publisher and marketer. And we are set up to embrace all the future trends – phone i-pods, track bundling and direct to mobile. For a few years now digital music has been considered the future. In fact, it’s the here and now.


    A Digital Music Store HYPERLINK ""

    Like any High Street Music Shop, you can come in and browse our store. We carry music from across all genres and chart them according to sales achieved. Just like the racking of a shop, each Artist has their own unique web page space, carrying their artwork, site link, photo and other information.

    Unlike any other High Street Music Shop, our tracks are available globally and sent direct to your computer, I-Pod or phone. We operate simple payment and delivery. You don’t have to download any operating systems like HMV or I-Tunes. Registration is free and easy. You just choose your track, pay by credit card and download the track.

    We use high quality mp3’s encoded at a bit rate of 256 kbps. A 3 MB track would normally take about 45 seconds to download to your computer (depending on connection speed).

    All our tracks are legal downloads, cleared by the relevant rights holders. We charge £0.99p for single tracks – (a credit card charge of £0.30p on amounts under £5.00 applies)

    All credit and debit card transactions are handled via an encrypted gateway. We do not store credit card details and our card processing partners have been audited and approved by APACS, Visa and Mastercard.

    A Digital Record Company. HYPERLINK ""

    Like any record company we find the music, develop it through our A&R process – we may recommend a remix or re-mastering in some cases – and release it into the market. Once it’s out there we market and promote it. And once it starts selling we collect the royalties and pay the artist.

    Unlike any record company, we pay monthly and also provide sales figures to each artist for their tracks. We also offer different types of deals to suit your circumstances. You can opt to pay our £176 administration fee and thereafter collect 70% of each download royalty or go for our ‘Sugar Daddy’ deal which allows your track to go onsite for free and pays 50% of each download royalty to the artist after the fee has been recouped by the sponsor or Daddy Fresh Music.

    Other download sites post your tracks and just leave them hanging there in cyberspace. Ploughing through MySpace or I-Tunes can be a thankless task like trying to find something wearable in a jumble sale. Daddy Fresh considers itself to be a digital boutique with only the best music that we have approved. We form a one on one relationship with each Artist selected for the site.

    A Music Publisher HYPERLINK ""

    Daddy Fresh can offer full publishing deals to the right Artists. In particular, we are keen to select the key tracks we believe have the greatest potential and exploit them on your behalf. This would mean brokering deals to get the tracks released on other labels and using our synchronisation service – getting your music into film and TV soundtracks.

    We will also promote the songs we publish to other artists with a view to cover and will be pro-active in finding interesting new collaborations. We also offer a brokerage service which would allow us to represent you in finding a deal with other labels.

    A Music Marketing Service. HYPERLINK ""

    We promote your music constantly whilst your tracks are on the site. We have a rolling campaign of Ads running across MTV UK/Sky Music channels and we will use music from the site as the soundtrack. If you have a video, it will be up for inclusion in the images we use on the ad.

    We also have a deal with SubTV – that’s Student Union Bar TV, a cable channel beamed into every student bar in the country which reaches between 1.2 and 1.6 million viewers weekly. Again, it will be your music and your videos that make up the content of our ads.

    The Industry bible Music Week will also be running a monthly Daddy Fresh chart based on sales from the site. This will appear in a box on the main Chart page and will guarantee that every Music Executive in every label will notice the bestselling Artists on our site.

    We know that the best marketing comes from ground level from people with a point to prove. That’s why we developed the Sugar Daddy concept. As well as allowing your tracks to go on our site for free, it allows sponsors to assume your fee and profit from a percentage of your Daddy Fresh online sales. This means they are on board with their chosen Artist and will crusade via their own outlets to push your tracks. HYPERLINK ""


    Have you ever sat back and jotted down the costs involved in promoting your tracks? For example, pressing up 1000 CD’s costs about £600. But then you’ve got to factor in transport costs, storage, post and packaging. Add another couple of hundred quid. Then you come to advertising, posters and flyers. A small box ad in a major music weekly will set you back £250. Posters and flyers will be the same again.

    If you’re really serious about getting your tracks noticed, you’ll consider using a publicist for press – current rates are about £2000 a month. So you’re looking at a figure of well over £3000 to start off with.

    Cost to achieve Global release, promotion and marketing with digital tracks on Daddy Fresh Music’s Sugar Daddy option? Zero.

    We pay better royalties too. After costs and deductions, the royalty to the Artist on I-Tunes is just 4.6 pence on a 79p download. At Daddy Fresh we pay 61p per download if you’ve opted to pay the administration fee and 46p if you’ve been sponsored onto the site for free.

    On top of that, we are happy to be non exclusive and have kept our contracts to three month terms with the joint option to extend.


    Key Features Deal 2 Sugar Daddy

    Sell MP3’s Yes Yes

    Get Paid Monthly Yes Yes

    Sales Figures Monthly Yes Yes

    Image Gallery and Bio Yes Yes

    Unique Webpage with Artwork Yes Yes

    Link to Own Website Yes Yes

    Sponsor’s Street Team No Yes

    Royalty Rates 70% 50%

    Music Week Chart
    For Top Selling Tracks Yes Yes

    MTV/Sky Promotion* Yes Yes

    SubTV Airplay* Yes Yes

    Cost £176.25 No

    Royalties per £0.99 Download

    Deal 2 Artist Royalty (70%) £0.61

    Deal 3 Sugar Daddy Artist Royalty (50%) £0.46

    Sugar Daddy Sponsor’s Royalty (20%) £0.15

    To give you an idea of online income, Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” sold 31500 downloads in the first week of release. “Crazy” then went on to sell many thousands more, reaching the number 1 spot.

    31500 sales on Daddy fresh music would earn the following;

    Deal 2 Artist (70%) £19215.00
    Deal 3 SD Artist (50%) £14490.00
    Sugar Daddy Sponsor (20%) £ 4725.00


    We believe that every artist should seek to have a DaddyFresh account to go along with a MySpace account and their own website. All 3 avenues are complementary and mutually beneficial. It’s the full pack of digital representation for your music. The website is your project, MySpace is where you gather support for the project, Daddy Fresh is where you market and profit from the project.

    HYPERLINK "" Tomorrows Music………..Today.

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    Hey I'm Casey, I'm 22 and work for 1st Entertainment Management. I'm always looking for new cool music. Check out our current artist David DiMuzio


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    If you like Bon Jovi you'll love him!

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