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Thread: Looking for unsigned bands!

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    Looking for unsigned bands!

    We’re looking for unsigned bands music to be promoted free of charge on our website.

    The main purpose of the site is to break to World Records, one for jokes and one for most the largest boulevard. But we wish to play on the word record and include bands as part of the site and to keep people coming back. We figure jokes and music what more could you want. is the site. Check it out if you like what you see and want to be promoted here, There is a contact section on the site.

    Thanks in advance Olly.

    P.s. If the webmaster here reads this and wants to be involved in a link exchanges please also contact us!

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    looking for unsigned music

    If you're still interested in unsigned music, please check out

    you can contact me at



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    heres a good unsigned band

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    Hey check out my music video x

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    what do you mean "joke music"? what genre do you like promoting the most?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wordofmouthreco View Post is the site. Check it out if you like what you see and want to be promoted here, There is a contact section on the site. Thanks in advance Olly.
    Hey Olly is this site no longer up?

    Second Sound Music is the ultimate music portal. We give front page exposure to New Artists and provide 100% free music promotion (forever). As an artist you could sign up and upload as many songs (mp3 format) and we will do our part and get your music heard. We are helping New Artists connect with Second Sound Music members, Facebook users (who can login using their account) and New Fans from all over the world!

    About us

    Second Sound Music: The Ultimate Music Experience

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    I just saw these guys perform @ the single launch last Saturday, in London's Cafe de Paris...truly amazing!!
    This song is too inspiring!!

    When you feel as though your all alone and hope is gone.....Tell yourself it's gonna BE OK!!!

    Hear on iTunes:
    Be Ok (feat. Mutya Buena) - Single by City Boy Soul - Download Be Ok (feat. Mutya Buena) - Single on iTunes

    Watch on YouTube:

    Support British Music!! Thank you for your time!!

    Tara xxx

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    Check my band "Goodnight Grace's," music video for our song "Would You Like To Hear A Story," even in 1080p!

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    sorry the link was ^

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    Always good to get free promotion!

    check our site, we play some sort of indie jazz. Piano/doublebass/drums

    Moda trio | modern jazz trio London | piano double-bass drums | Live music | unsigned band

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    hey we are the stars,we are 2 in the group and we our names are Angel is 14 and G-Star is 13.we sing,dance.,rap and even act.we want to be singers and we even wrote songs in-cases if we find a manager we will have something to start with we even got the dances for our party song we rehearse everyday on the phone and we see each other and go to the studio to rehears on Saturdays for two hour non stop.we are confident and we are culpable to host live shows.we will be very pleased t work with you and please contract us for more information .hope to hear from you soon..


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