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Thread: 'sy-clops or delight' who is better?

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    if were that easy....

    but happy to ignore you...try and do it most of the time...

    but dont ever mention respect to must have an entirley different interpretation

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHorizon
    Aint beat me either....If you did I wud commit suicide
    lol at what DH said

    but you lot allow beef man, delight just drop it. who cares who's the best or worst its bout the actual innovation to go and actually write the rhymes you all do. At least you people are doing summat that might keep you off road.

    so forget small talk and if you need to say anything to anyone at least say it in rhymes or just done it already

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    finally! its nice to see someone with a positive reply for once, lol

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    I agreee with holy smokes. There's too much beefing and not enough rhyme dropping. It don't matter who's the best. We are all here to learn from each other and elevate (Well, at least I am). There seems to be more energy spent on just crappy small talk than actual productive rhymes and battles. If you got beef, drop a rhyme about it. At least then you're doing something a bit more creative than just insulting one another. It just seems to me that recently this site has become beef central, with everybody jumping in on eachother's disagreements. It doesn't have to be this way people. We just gotta bite our tongue a bit, unless you're gonna come back and spit your beef.
    This site had an oppurtunity to smash wack ass Nurcha, but we beefed too much too set it up. UKMusic would've killed them. With the talent we got here, on a good day we could wipe the floor with any other site.
    Let's just get together, and feed each other so we can grow.

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    i think people should take note of what dustyskidz, lol, says because people will have no interest in the threads that we create unless we make it more productive

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    Damn straight. Are we MC's or little b*tches?
    It seems there aren't many MC's droppin' rhymes, actual songs, anymore. I get embarrassed cos all I see is my name. It makes me feel like I'm posting too much, but at the time of writin', I've only done 48.
    Help me out cos I feel lonely!! Lol!

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    Nov 2005
    You know, i'm better at makin songs then battling
    LIKE ze one on d.h's thread

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