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Thread: Music and Money

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    Music and Money

    Opportunities of the person are limited only by it! How to transform 18 $ in 18000 $! Reading it you can change the life! It has changed my life. I have come across it at one forum and have decided to try. Wandering as it is usual on different sorts to forums, I find this clause in which it is spoken that it is possible to make thousand dollars for couple of weeks at an investment only 18 $ Well.... I have thought, it should be the next deceit for silly, but has decided all to read up and learn, that to us offer. Further there it was spoken, that it is necessary to send on 3 $ on 6 purses (E-gold Account) which below are listed and 0.1 $ on the account of administration of the project.
    Then to strike the first purse off the list, that having displaced the list on one line upwards, the sixth is released by that, where you enter number of the E-gold Account a purse and shower given, with you on the sixth line, the message at least on 100 different forums. Any dodges. Well I have reflected and have thought, that I lose nothing, except for these 18.1 $ which I shall send on below the listed purses both have decided to try. Also guess that!!! For 7 days on my purse began to come money! I was in a shock!!!!! But at once has thought, that on it all and will end. But not here that was! In the first week I have made 75 $, further by the end of the second week already it is more 150 $ To the middle of 4-th week 687 $ And in fact it is far not a limit! And all it only for the price in 18 $! I have not believed, that it works, yet has not started to receive translations from all world!

    And now I shall tell to you as it works. I promise you, that if you in accuracy will observe below the listed instructions you will start to receive much more money than you thought, not applying on it of special efforts! The OFFER: ???????? IT FEW TIMES! Follow instructions, and money will start to act on your purse! Will agree, it is simple! And, IMPORTANT, anything illegal in it is not present! ALL LEGALLY! And your contribution makes only 18 $ STILL TIME I SHALL repeat, THAT IT-NOT the DECEIT and YOU RISK NOTHING, BUT IT WORKS! NOTICE! REMEMBER!: ALL IT WORKS SUCCESSFULLY ONLY OWING TO HONESTY of PARTICIPANTS! Here those 4 steps to success:
    1. If you do not have the E-gold Account a purse you need to be registered in system http: //, it is easily accessible for all comers. Properly familiarize with the given system as it works.
    2. Send on each of below listed E-gold Account purses on 3 $

    1: 2649028
    2: 2649450
    3: 2671730
    4: 2671995
    5: 2671602
    6: 2641103

    3. Send on a purse 2654376 0.1 $. Everything, that you have made are have created a certain service and, the MOST IMPORTANT, it absolutely legally!!! You ask lawful service for which pay (This step is obligatory, differently the administration will block your account!!!). Now ATTENTION! I here all over again have made a mistake from which I wish you to save!: delete from this list the FIRST purse and 1-st, which you move 2-nd purse on a place have erased, 3-rd place 2-nd, 4-th place 3-rd, 5-th on place 4-th and 6-th on place of 5-th! And in sixth number which has appeared empty, ENTER NUMBER of yours E-gold Account a purse! 4. NOW the MOST IMPORTANT!: PLACE THIS CLAUSE AT NOT LESS THAN 100 FORUMS and News Groups, or create and advertise the SITE with this information as it was made by me!
    REMEMBER, that the more you place, the above there will be YOUR income and this income will DEPEND DIRECTLY ON YOU And ONLY FROM YOU! This business continues to exist and prosper only OWING TO HONESTY And ??????????? PARTICIPANTS!!! So, when you will reach 1-st position, you will have thousand dollars simply as the founder of the list or clause as it is pleasant to you more! It costs 18 $ and absolutely trifling work! Borrow in it now, not putting off! TIME - MONEY!
    And now I to you shall tell, why you in any case lose nothing, but only win! We shall tell, from 100 accommodations I shall receive only 5 answers (very-very small and low figure)! Means, I shall receive 15 $ being on 6-th position in the list!!! Now these 5 people do on 100 accommodations each MINIMUM with my purse on 5-th position, and only 5 people answer those of first five is already 75 $! Further these do 25 people on 100 accommodations with my purse already on 4-th line (because enter the) and only 5 answer - my income-375 $! Now these 125 people, having placed and having received only 5 answers give me 1875 $ profit (And I, I am only on 3 line)! Is more ridiculous further: these do 625 people on the MINIMUM of 100 accommodations with me on 2-nd line and only 5 people answer are already 9375 $! Well and the most interesting is that these 3125 person do on 100 accommodations everyone with me already on 1-st line and it are answered again only with 5 people, my income - 46875 $! Whether such impressive figure? And this all for the initial contribution in 18 $! You can present yourselves, that thousand people from all world join the Internet and read these clauses every day!

    In the same way, as well as you now read this! Well so? Whether you will spend only 18 $ to learn, whether it works? And if you will make all how I have described above, IT WILL WORK! This line for pessimists: And suddenly this business will fail also to me anybody of money will not send? Every day on the Internet appear from 20 up to 50 thousand new users! Under forecasts of experts, only by 2006 the quantity of users the Internet will increase from present 9 million person, up to 21 million! What chances, what they will want to try themselves in what new? Only remember: HONESTY And ONLY HONESTY of PEOPLE allows to prosper to this business! How to distribute the information in forums and the Internet.
    1. We open for example
    2. We write in a line of search a phrase: to begin a new theme
    3. Yahoo will find thousand pages, references on which at once result on the data card for filling a new theme of a forum.
    4. Name a new theme somehow originally, look, what themes on this a forum are popular, then your message will look more often!
    5. Do not forget about the friends and friends, send also to them on e-mail! Well and the last: It is really great axiom - to receive something, it is necessary to give something! And to receive it is even more, it is necessary to give even more! Be convinced of it.

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    Obvious scam,Take you get rich schemes else where thread closed.

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