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Thread: S4dk - Best In '05 (the Kings Are Coming Ii)

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    S4dk - Best In '05 (the Kings Are Coming Ii)

    Can't stop won't stop...


    It's been a good year for UK music, the levels are getting higher as this CD should illustrate and while we are still are in our infancy a lot people are starting to take note, good and bad, I guess... Here's to everyone seeing the fruits of their labour in 2006.

    If you cant see the tracklisting on the above then...

    01. Akala - Bull$$$$
    02. Jeye Severe - Strange Fruit
    03. Mentat ft Skinnyman - Heart To You
    04. NorthStar - Rise
    05. Swiss ft Sharifa - Cry
    06. Baby Blue ft Sway, SAS, Bigz, Sincere & Pyrelli - I Still Donít Care
    07. Bigz ft Mayhem - Cor Blimey
    08. Sincere - Thatís Not Gangsta
    09. Kyza - Real Rap
    10. Sway, Incisive, J2K, Baby Blue - London N.E.W.S
    11. Slimting - The Link Up
    12. Swiss - Go Swiss
    13. Sway - Floí Fashion
    14. Mitchell Brothers ft Sway & Mike Skinner - Harvey Knicks
    15. Reveal ft Doc Brown & Lowkey - Been A Long Time Remix
    16. Roll Deep - Shake A Leg
    17. Kano - Signs In Life
    18. Young Guns - Countdown
    19. Unorthodox - Slew Dem (Ď04 Mix)/No Help (Ď05 Mix)
    20. Raw T - Where We Live
    21. Akala - Roll Wid Us Remix
    22. Tinchy Strider - Underground
    23. Lethal B - Uh Oh
    24. Low Deep ft Kano, Doctor - Get Set
    25. Mondie ft Flirta D, Ribz, Napper & Shizzle - Pull Up Dat
    26. Roll Deep - When Iím Here
    27. Mitchell Brothers ft Trim - Routine Check
    28. Kano - Typical Me
    29. Kamikaze - Ghetto Kyote
    30. Lethal B - Forward 2 (Bootleg Mix)
    31. Fire Camp - Forward 2
    32. Milkymans - SKA Riddim
    33. BMD - North Weezey
    34. Kray Twins ft Twista, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks - What We Do
    35. D-Power ft Doctor - Come On
    36. Fire Camp - No
    37. Jammer - Murkle Man
    38. Bruza - So Real
    39. Rukus ft Ty & Klashnekoff - Let It Go Remix
    40. Baby J ft Skinny man - None Of Them
    41. Blak Twang - G.C.S.E
    42. Sway ft Pyrelli - Up Your Speed
    43. Haze ft SAS - Bad Boys
    44. Bronz N Blak - In The Ghetto
    45. Street Politiks ft Swiss, Pro V & Lefty - Face Off
    46. Klashnekoff - Jamrock
    47. Gatsby - Welcome To East
    48. Baby Blue ft Selah - Sometimes
    49. Choong Family - Memory Lane

    As you should all know these tracks the preview is a rip of the first 5 minutes of the CD, the drops added after 4 mins & 48 secs dont appear on the CD I just put them there for advertising/promotional effect.


    Please note wont be dispatched until Monday 19th December.

    S4DK - POWERFUL MUSIC 2, is next up & coming soon...
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    S4DK - The Kings Are Coming 'Best In 05'

    3 out of 4 - Bangin'

    I like UK music people, fizzle what ya heard. They def have something to offer from "across the pond" as some like to put it. Bottom line is I just want to hear some hot $$$$. I don't care if your from England, China or Nebraska. If you got a bangin' track I want to hear it. S4DK came up in the U.S a little something in 2005, can't wait to see what's in store for 2006.

    "Still Don't Care" is a favorite of mine. Baby Blue just does it for me, she got a future in the game. My favorite beat on this is "Cor Blimey". I heard this before and the beat reminds me of some Clipse $$$$. The hook on this is crazy, don't know what it means but I was singing that $$$$! The rhyme your ass off award goes to Akala on "Roll Wid Us" remix, god damn dude got an ill flow, $$$$ was cut short though. Roll Deep on "When I'm Here" got me bouncing, had this on rewind for a minute too. "Typical Me" with Kano was my $$$$. The rhyme was on point with the whole club scene theme. Sway and Pyrelli will have you rolling through your hood hard with "Up Your Speed". This $$$$ was piff-tastic and had a hot hook to boot. I know why cats is talking up Klashnekoff, just listen to "Jamrock" and you'll know why.

    I like the fact UK MCs take chances with the beats and with the rhymes. Beat wise there is a wide spectrum of styles, from fast techo type $$$$ to your slow your roll type $$$$. Lyric wise it seems MCs really speak their minds, no formula, no A&R telling them what type of songs to make. Just straight from the heart, got some $$$$ to say lyrics. That's a cue American MCs need to take to the head. The cover was bangin' too, only draw back was S4DK was trying to fit 49 tracks on a CD so some hot joints was cut short to fit all the tracks. UK on the rise people, don't sleep on raw beats and raw rhymes again. (12-25-05)

    by BigChew

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