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Thread: Check out this new music software...

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    Check out this new music software...

    Theres this thing I saw at CES called the Stikax. You guys should seriously check it out, with this, a two year old could make some sweet beats.

    check it out.

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    Looks OK, more of a toy / gadget than a serious peice of music kit

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    Anyone got this thing does it work well at all ?

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    halo s is for saddo

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    Your begging for a ban huh

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    your momma is begging for a BANGING u egghead I RUN THIS SITE brrrapppp

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    jack you tempo halo LOG OFF THE KING IS HERE U WASTEMANS

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    you "are" $$$$ing awesome.

    however you are no match for a robot like myself.

    one day i banged your mother 4 days straight because my sympathy chip was turned off but then it was ok because the bleeding was sexy.

    seriously though - you are awesome.

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    are you aware of the fact that you write like a moron?

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    are u aware of the fact dat your mum is a ho she shines for 2p

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    are you this stupid on purpose?
    because i "really" dont see how else it would be possible.
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    and while we are on your stupidity:
    as a robot i dont have a mother,
    comma fool

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